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TecdeMonterreyX: Financial information and its analysis

Applies accounting and financial fundamentals to assess the financial situation of the company and inform the decision-making process.

Financial information and its analysis
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About this course

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Many companies disappear due to mismanagement of their resources, others miss the potential they have by not planning strategically. Accounting gives us the opportunity to understand how the company performs and relates to its environment. Additionally, finance provides us with tools that allow us to analyze the accounting results of the company and the economic factors of the environment to make timely decisions that allow managers to anticipate the different risks posed by the market.

In this course you will learn how the accounting information of a company is integrated in order to read the financial statements and evaluate its financial health. This information will allow you to make decisions about: the financial health of the company, the levels of debt required by the business, the possibilities for investment and growth, the viability of future projects, the best performance indicators and the convenience of buying or renting a active.

Through finance you will learn to identify the best funding alternatives, select the best from among different projects, and manage the company's cash.

The concepts learned are applicable to the company as a whole, to individual projects and even to the management of our personal finances.

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  • Associated skills:Accounting, Economics, Management, Finance, Financial Statements, Accounting Information Systems, Decision Making, Planning

What you'll learn

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Through this course you will :

  • Acquire the essential knowledge for the accounting management and financial information
  • Know healthy financials of the company and decide on pricing structures, rent vs buy, sales conditions, operating cycle, managing working capital and more.
  • Begin to read the financial information of companies to understand their operating strategy and thus better understand possible future investment alternatives.

Topic 1: Principles of financial accounting :

  • Characteristics and importance of financial information; accounts that make up the financial statements and their interrelation.
  • Assets, liabilities and capital in business success.

Topic 2: Analysis of financial statements:

  • Most important financial statements.
  • Methods and analysis of financial statements ( financial reasons, measuring the liquidity and profitability ) . Decision making according to the results of the analysis.

Topic 3: Cash flow :

  • Importance of cash for the company (uses, sources and activities of cash)
  • Cash flow and cash flow analysis for project analysis.

Topic 4: Advanced Accounting and Finance Topics:

  • Costs and their behavior
  • Marginal cost for decision making.

This course is part ofEssential quantitative business skills Professional Certificate Program

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