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A Flask education can expand your Python prowess and open up doors to a web development career. Take online Flask courses through edX and learn from experts in the field.

What is Flask? 

Flask is a Pythonmicro-framework for web applications. In 2010, software developer Armin Ronacher started the framework as an April Fool’s Day joke.Footnote 1 However, the development community was interested in the project and Ronacher continued the work to create the tool. Flask is now a widely used Python web framework.

Flask is a Python module that lets you develop web applications more easily than developing from scratch. It draws from Werkzeug, a Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) toolkit, and Jinja2, an HTML template engine. As a micro-framework, Flask keeps its fundamental application simple and offers a range of extensions with additional capabilities.Footnote 2 

The framework’s diverse library allows web application developers to write applications without having to worry about minor details such as thread management.Footnote 3 Today, the Pallets Projects, a community-based organization, maintains Flask’s documentation and maintenance.Footnote 4

When beginning to learn Flask, it can be difficult to distinguish the micro-framework from its larger counterpart, the Django web framework. Through extensive community documentation, Flask corrects some of the older Django framework’s shortcomings and provides streamlined boilerplate language and a lighter framework.Footnote 5 If you’re wondering whether to use Python Flask or Django, it’s helpful to note that Flask lends itself to quick rendering in an agile development environment and is generally considered more explicit and easier to learn.

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Why learn Flask?

Flask offers developers a simpler, user-friendly alternative to the Django full-stack framework. Rather than instilling specific dependencies and layouts, Flask provides users with helpful development suggestions.Footnote 6 Whether you’re writing “Hello, World!” code or rendering web pages, Flask is flexible and lightweight. This gives beginners the guidance they need to explore the world of web development and room to scale as their skills grow.

Flask presents learners with a manageable learning curve. It is largely considered the better Python web framework for beginners and can help you build a foundation in Python web development.Footnote 7 Flask applications have a built-in development server and debugger and are WSGI-compliant. Additionally, Flask offers seamless integrations such as SQLAlchemy and Flask-Migrate to help users produce powerful, intuitive applications and websites.Footnote 8

What is covered in a Flask tutorial?

PyPI, GitHub, and Python Flask tutorials can only take learners so far towards web development expertise. Online Flask courses and certifications can connect you with leading thinkers and developers in the field so you can build holistic skills and increase your development agility. 

A Flask course may offer an introduction to web programming with Python and JavaScript, then cover the basics of building applications using Django and Flask. These courses can instruct learners on how to use APIs, harness cloud services like GitHub, incorporate security measures, and more.Footnote 9

Once learners have a solid foundation, they can expand their knowledge through a professional certification course. These courses may instruct you in advanced Python web development using Flask, Sphinx, Django, and compatible scripts like JSON or integrations like Werkzeug. Together, these classes can help you learn Flask basics and master complex tasks — from running PY files to scaling applications.

Flask developer jobs

With instruction from online Flask courses, you can build intuitive websites for yourself or pursue a career in web development. Flask skills are transferable to a number of web developer and computer science roles, including Flask developer, Python developer, and data scientist. For example, a Flask developer’s duties may include creating and implementing web applications using Flask, writing front-end and back-end code, and testing sites to ensure smooth operations.

Though these courses can help beginners learn Flask, it’s important to note that they do not automatically qualify someone for a Flask developer position. This role may require knowledge of additional frameworks which can be acquired through a Flask boot camp, as well as specific educational milestones such as a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree.

How to become a Flask developer online

If you are interested in pursuing a Flask developer role, there are a number of paths you can follow to reach that goal. Online education could be a useful first step that empowers learners to take their future into their own hands. Learners can pursue online bachelor’s degrees in data science or obtain master’s degrees in data science, often at their own pace. They can also enroll in online coding boot camps to quickly build their skills.

Online certifications can expand your knowledge and display your mastery of the Flask micro-framework and other Python frameworks. However, every company has different hiring requirements. Those interested in Flask developer careers should always check with specific companies for other criteria that will determine whether they are an ideal candidate.