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Learn food science

Food science can help address issues like global hunger and lead to innovation in agriculture and supply chain management. Expand your knowledge of food science with online courses delivered through edX.

What is food science?

Food science is the study of food. It examines the biology, chemistry, and engineering of food products and helps us understand the nutrition benefits and chemical properties of the food we consume. Food scientists apply their research to the development of safer and more reliable food systems, which have become increasingly important to a growing world population.

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Why learn about food science?

What people eat impacts their health. Certain foods can prevent or contribute to conditions such as diet-related chronic illnesses. Where and how food is grown, developed, and packaged can determine its safety for consumers. Study food science with foundational courses that can cover topics such as the principles of nutrition. Learn how to help patients set nutritional goals to improve health outcomes. Specialized courses can offer lessons that range from food fermentation and the science of brewing beer to vineyard management practices and the science behind how cooking changes food texture.

Careers in food science

Careers in food science can be found at all levels of the supply chain. Responsibilities may involve understanding the shelf life of a product or addressing the potential for contamination within an agricultural setting. In manufacturing, food scientists may advise on canning or pasteurization, whereas other industries may rely on food scientists to aid in the development of new nutritional products. 

Professionals in food science and technology can help build a food industry that produces high-quality food and practices safe food processing protocols. Learn food science fundamentals with edX and begin your journey toward a rewarding career in the field.