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Learn genetic engineering

DNA molecules, single genes, and other types of genetic materials are responsible for the traits in everything from our food supply to our own bodies. Learn genetic engineering with online courses delivered through edX.

What is genetic engineering?

Genetic engineering is the deliberate manipulation of genetic material for a specific purpose. For example, if a particular crop is dying from a disease, gene editing may be able to immunize the crop from that disease. Some animals do not cope well in the extreme heat, but selective breeding can slowly produce herds that can withstand sweltering conditions. Specific types of gene therapy can even help with illnesses and diseases that plague humanity. Humans have been manipulating genes for generations, but experts are now able to better understand and address the root causes of an issue, which opens up opportunities for new uses of genetic modification.

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Genetic engineering course curriculum

Building a career in genetic engineering begins with a fundamental understanding of biology and biological research. With this background, introductory learners can build toolkits for analysis. Courses designed to help learners master these concepts and introduce them to proper research methods can propel professionals into exciting careers in the field.

For example, a genetic engineering course could cover topics such as:

  • Principles of synthetic biology

  • Regulation of gene expression

  • Methods for building biological circuits

  • Genome research methodologies

  • Direct manipulation of DNA sequences

Careers in genetic engineering

Genome editing and genetic engineering techniques are used in health care, research, and industries such as farming and animal breeding. Some examples of careers for experts in genetic engineering include:

  • Molecular geneticist

  • Genetic counselor

  • Genome curator

  • Gene editing specialist

  • Genetic and metabolic engineer

  • Research scientist

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