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Learn geometry

Understanding the mathematical properties of shapes, lines, and angles can lead to a career in industries ranging from robotics to fashion. Learn geometry with online courses delivered through edX.

What is geometry?

Geometry is the branch of mathematics that studies the properties of space such as distance, angle, shape, size, and the relative position of figures. Examples include calculating the angles of a triangle, the length of a curve, or the surface area of a sphere.

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Geometry course curriculum

With online courses delivered through edX, learners can study geometry basics, including: 

  • How to calculate the areas of shapes

  • How to measure angles

  • How to apply properties of triangles and quadrilaterals

  • How to apply geometry formulas

  • How to prove and apply the Pythagorean theorem

  • How to calculate the volumes and surface areas of three-dimensional solids

More advanced courses can help prepare you for the advanced study of robotics, computer-aided design (CAM and CID), and geographical information systems (GIS).

Careers in geometry

Geometry can be useful for many fields and professions. Jobs that use geometry to complete their daily tasks include: 

  • Computer graphic designers use geometry to create realistic three-dimensional space images. Some examples of graphic designers include video game creators and animators.

  • Robotic engineers can use geometry to determine what angles to use for a robot’s range of motion. Having the ability to control these robots down to the smallest movement is all pre-determined by arcs and angles.

  • Medical professionals use geometry to help create a 3D model of medical issues, like tumors, in patients. Taking a result from a CAT scan and properly scaling a 3D model of that tumor can give doctors and surgeons the insight they will need to address this issue directly for their patients.

  • Fashion designers use geometry to design the perfect outfit for their customers. Measuring clothing based on body type and using angles correctly can make or break a particular look and feel for someone.

Explore how online courses in geometry can advance your professional outlook with edX.

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