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Geometry Courses

Take free geometry lessons and courses from from top universities and institutions. Learn about congruence, line segments, parallelograms, pyramids, the distance formula and much more.

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What is Geometry?

Geometry is the area of mathematics that studies perpendicular lines, complementary angles, coordinate planes, adjacent angles, right angles, exterior angles, geometric shapes and the distances and relationships between them. Examples include calculating the angles of a triangle, the length of a curve or the surface area of a sphere.

Learn Geometry Basics with Beginner Courses and Lessons

Take fundamental courses from edX to learn the basics of geometry. SchoolYourself's Introduction to Geometry you will learn how to measure angles, and rules for determining when angles are congruent, prove and apply properties of triangles, quadrilaterals, and other polygons, calculate the areas of polygons, circles, ellipses, and other complex shapes, etc.

Online Geometry Courses and Programs

Take free geometry courses online to learn new skills and enhance classroom learning. The 14-week basic geometry course from School Yourself can be taken alongside a high school course and can act as an in-depth geometry tutorial for added practice and mastery. Learn all of the geometry basics including how to calculate areas of complex shapes, how to measure angles, how to prove and apply the Pythagorean theorem, how to apply properties of triangles and quadrilaterals and how to apply geometry formulas. The course is self-paced so students can jump to any section as needed.

Ready for something a little more advanced? Computational Geometry is a free online course from Tsinghua University that can help prepare you for advanced study of robotics, computer-aided design (CAM and CID), and geographical information systems (GIS). Learn geometric algorithms and structures as well as fundamental strategies for solving geometric problems.

What Types of Jobs use Geometry?

Geometry is in many types of fields and professions in the market today. You may be surprised by the number of jobs and occupations that require a working knowledge of geometry to complete day to day requirements. Below are a few examples of professions that require an understanding of geometry to complete daily tasks.

Computer graphic designers need to know and understand geometry to create realistic three-dimensional space images. Some examples of graphic designers include video game creators and animators. Understanding how to use and manipulate shapes makes computing designs easier for computers, so geometry is necessary for daily tasks as a graphic designer.

Robotic engineers need to understand geometry to accomplish difficult tasks in their line of work. Understanding what angles to use for a range of motion by a robot is a common task for these professionals. Having the ability to control these robots down to the smallest movement is all pre-determined by arcs and angles. Some robots are built with a range of vision to detect objects, so measuring out angles and perception are everyday tasks within this profession.

Medical professionals use geometry to help create a 3D model of medical issues like tumors in patients. Taking a result from a CAT scan and properly scaling a 3D model of that tumor can give doctors and surgeons the insight they will need to address this issue directly for their patient. Medical imaging with VR headsets like Microsoft HoloLens will allow doctors in the future to reconstruct organs, bones, and anything else within the human body using geometry to put all of the pieces together accurately.

Fashion designers use geometry on a daily basis to design the perfect look for their customers. Measuring clothing based on body type and angles can make or break a particular look and feel for someone. As a fashion designer, you will need to know how to take 3D shapes and create patterns for your clients.

Why Study Geometry Online?

Geometry is a common skill to have for many different professionals in their line of work. Enrolling in geometry courses online allows you to choose the right course that best suits your needs. Perhaps you want a basic geometry course to brush up on your skills if it has been a while since your last class. Maybe you are looking for more advanced courses if you want to become an architect and need to practice geometry advanced techniques. Regardless of where you fall, edX offers a wide range of online geometry courses designed to fit your busy schedule.

Some of our courses will cover the understanding of parallel lines, the Pythagorean theorem, right triangles, conic sections, tangent circles, regular polygons, Heron’s formula, congruent angles, geometric curves, arc lengths, geometric concepts, supplementary angles, rhombus measuring, isosceles triangles, dimensional objects interior angles, geometric figures, and more. Learning how to solve geometry problems by using deductive reasoning and other types of strategies will be vital to having success. If you are looking for geometry help or geometry problem solving courses, you’ve come to the right place.