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Healthcare Administration Courses

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learn healthcare administration

learn healthcare administration

What is Healthcare Administration?

Healthcare administrators manage the non-clinical functions of healthcare organizations and centers. Healthcare management includes budgeting, managing the building, and maintenance. Healthcare managers also work with human resources to coordinate staffing, plan professional development, and resolve benefits packages.

Healthcare systems have become complex, requiring expertise in business, regulation, and human resources. Healthcare professionals work to deliver the care patients need and rely on healthcare administrators to coordinate the day-to-day logistics of a department, section, or even an entire facility.

Why study Healthcare Administration

A healthcare administration degree program prepares students to support the healthcare industry through unique skills and services. Students often study business administration, human resources, and informatics, offering expertise for non-medical challenges and needs. The position frees medical staff to focus on healthcare services and patient care, making healthcare delivery a task for a team.

edX offers a variety of courses in healthcare administration topics. Courses are designed in partnership with leaders in the field. Students can explore what it means to support healthcare providers through hospital administration or other aspects of the healthcare field.

Healthcare Courses and Certifications

EdX offers courses, certifications, and master's in healthcare degrees in partnership with leaders in healthcare fields. Additionally, DoaneX offers a micro-master's degree in healthcare administration.Students participate in eight courses, such as healthcare organization and delivery models, as well as strategic leadership in healthcare. Students learn to work with vulnerable populations and receive mentoring from experienced faculty.

Students can also take individual courses designed to introduce important aspects of day-to-day operations within modern medical practices. Healthcare Organization and Delivery Models outlines strategic planning initiatives and principles in both outpatient and inpatient facilities. 

Healthcare Informatics and Technology in Decision Making introduces critical information systems and information technology within healthcare facilities. Health Law, Policy, and Advocacy introduces important regulatory considerations and health policy all administrators must understand before making critical decisions that affect patients and stakeholders.

Building a Career in Health Administration

You can make a difference in healthcare facilities by understanding the day-to-day operations of healthcare settings of all sizes. Whether it's sorting new reimbursement provisions, managing new technology competency, or managing long-term care facilities like nursing homes, medical and health services managers provide the support doctors and other healthcare providers need.

Advanced degree and certification options from edX and partners offer students the chance to break into this exciting field, becoming healthcare administration professionals that provide healthcare environments of all types the expertise they need to thrive.