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Learn iCloud with online courses and programs

iCloud is the cloud storage service for all Apple devices. It allows users to seamlessly store, access, and share files and media. Learn iCloud online for personal use or as a stepping stone to more advanced technical skills with courses from edX.

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iCloud tutorial course curriculum

Anyone with an Apple device can benefit from learning about iCloud through an iCloud course or certification program. You may want to learn how to set up iCloud on your devices for personal use or leverage the platform in your professional work. An introductory class may guide learners on using iCloud Drive, how to store and access files, and back up data.

If you want to go beyond the basics, an iCloud tutorial might do a more thorough job of explaining the benefits of various iCloud features, including iCloud Keychain and Find My iPhone. You could also enroll in a related boot camp or course through edX to better understand the technology that powers these tools.

Jobs that use iCloud

Thanks to its ease of use and widespread capabilities, many professionals rely on iCloud in their day-to-day work. These include graphic designers, photographers, software developers, and product managers. 

Generally speaking, jobs that work with digital content and require access to that content from multiple devices can benefit from using iCloud. For instance, developers use iCloud to manage large amounts of data. This is also a useful feature for banking, media, healthcare, and education professionals.Footnote 1

While not all roles that use iCloud demand a formal education or degree, the specific requirements will depend on the job and company. Brushing up on iCloud skills can help to supplement additional studies, such as a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. For individuals who prefer a shorter timeline, boot camps can be a useful option for learning technical skills.

How to use iCloud in your career

iCloud proves useful in a wide variety of professional contexts. For example, a travel photographer might use iCloud Photo Library to store albums from a recent trip. Meanwhile, a wedding planner may rely on iCloud Calendar for managing their schedule when meeting with vendors. A web developer could also use iCloud Drive to pull from saved resources when designing a website.

In addition to web development, software development and programming are other popular technical jobs that use iCloud in their work. To prepare for a career in web development or a related field, learners should also explore the underlying subjects that support iCloud. These include computer science, programming languages, data structures, operating systems, and software design.Footnote 2 These fields may be learned through a coding boot camp or a computer science bachelor’s degree.

Regardless of your chosen career path, learning iCloud is just one of many steps to building the necessary skill set. Being able to leverage its tools and capabilities can make almost any job easier.

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