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Learn iframe with online courses and programs

With an understanding of code and iframe HTML tags, you can add maps, social buttons, trackable ads, and more to your websites. Learn iframe with online courses delivered through edX.

What is an iframe?

An iframe, short for “inline frame,” is a web element that loads an external HTML element onto a webpage. The code in an iframe can embed content from any source or website. For instance, you can write iframe HTML code that allows you to insert a PDF document, advertisement, interactive Google map, Facebook “like” button, payment gateway, or YouTube video onto your site. Developers like using iframes because doing so allows them to add an independent HTML document that retains its own attributes and remains separate from the main JavaScript and CSS of the parent page.Footnote 1

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 iframe course curriculum

Creating and using iframes leverages basic internet navigation skills. An eagerness to grow your coding skills can also help in that process. 

In an HTML/CSS course where the focus is on building attractive, functional websites, you can learn how to use iframe. More specifically, you can develop the skill set to build user-friendly interfaces that contain simple yet responsive forms and elements that keep visitors engaged for extended periods of time. Through an iframe tutorial, you may also learn how to incorporate interactive elements on your pages while retaining clean parent site code. Experienced web developers with HTML and CSS mastery may enroll in an online iframe course to practice using it as part of their day-to-day duties and grow an understanding of indexing content, user interface improvement, debugging, code oversight, and SEO. 

edX offers a variety of educational pathways, including boot camps as well as bachelor's degree programs and master’s degree programs, for learners interested in advancing their knowledge in a variety of subjects. Find the right course for you. 

Explore jobs that use iframes

Learners who develop an understanding of how to use iframes may apply their new knowledge in a number of job roles, including:  

  • Search engine optimization specialist: Determine how iframe HTML code impacts website searchability and performance.

  • Web developer: Add style, functionality, and interactivity to your websites.

  • Web programmer: Develop and plan a website’s execution by focusing on code and design specifications.

Even if your ambition is to become a software developer, it’s handy to know how to create an iframe, as web coding and design projects may be stepping stones to careers in software development. 

How to use iframes as a programmer

What can you do once you have acquired this knowledge? There are many use cases for iframes. For instance, Facebook encourages third-party applications to be hosted in iframes to help prevent malicious activity.Footnote 2 Ad networks may offer publishers iframe code to drop onto their websites to display a banner. 

If you are interested in adding new skills to your resume, explore how online learning opportunities such as a coding boot camp or a bachelor’s degree in computer science can help you build the expertise and experience  you need to pursue roles in this field.

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