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Information Engineering Courses

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learn information engineering

learn information engineering

What is information engineering?

Also known as information technology engineering or information engineering methodology, this field focuses on developing software information systems using a software engineering approach. 

Information engineers use an architectural approach to develop applications. They help transform business processes, develop applications, lead systems optimization, and plan systems development.

With the prevalence of data-driven decision-making, it can also help analyze and implement data structures within an organization, building on computer science knowledge by designing data models that maximize resources and make the best use of team talent. 

Learn about information engineering

The information engineering discipline began with Clive Finkelstein and United Kingdom-based James Martin's work in the late 1970s, merging business planning with information systems. Now, businesses use things like data modeling to create logical data representations and reduce laborious manual processes. offers courses designed in partnership with leaders in the field of information engineering. Students learn on their own schedules and enjoy collaboration with a global cohort of students. Courses are free to take for professional growth, but students may also receive official credit for a fee. 

Information engineering courses and certifications

NYUx offers a micro-bachelor's program in Programming and Data Structures. This four-course series introduces students to the basics of using frameworks and architectures to design business and related systems. Students can also take a micro-bachelor's degree in Database Systems, also from NYUx, which offers critical foundations for data science in a variety of database structures, including relational. 

Students can also take individual courses in computer science and data science, studying the lifecycle of development, computer engineering, automation, and the use of information in business decisions. Students hoping to become software engineers can also take advantage of programming language training courses.

Explore Careers in Information Engineering

Algorithms have become some of the most powerful tools businesses have, but they must have a logical framework to enhance business processes. Courses from edX can introduce these process models and put you in the driver's seat, a project manager trained in both business and computer engineering. You could build precisely what a business or organization might need through a business process model notation (BPMN) and lead the organization into a new era.

Help reduce the dependency on manual processes and build strategy-driven templates for stability. You can also explore the theoretical framework for the original information technology engineering models and potentially add your own unique spin to the field. edX can be the beginning.