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TecdeMonterreyX: Global Environment and Trends in Technological Innovation

Identification of the relevant factors in the competitive environment of companies, and the contemporary technological innovation trends.

Global Environment and Trends in Technological Innovation
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About this course

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Nowadays, competitiveness of companies suffer an impact not only by economical, political, social, environmental, and health trends; technological innovation trends are relevant factors in the design of business models that are necessary for the prevalence of institutions.

The correct understanding of both the incremental and the disruptive innovation, will enable to understand the usefulness of identifying the identification of the index of technological adoption.

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What you'll learn

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With this course you will be able to:

- Identify the mega trends in a business environment.

- Understand the competitive evaluation models.

- Know the technological innovation trends.

- Understand the technological innovation index.

Topic 1: Relevant factors in the environment of companies

  • Topic 1.1 Economical, political, social, and environmental mega trends.
  • Topic 1.2 Institutional environment

Topic 2: Criteria for competitive assessment

  • Topic 2.1 Competitiviness (International/Regional/Organizational)
  • Topic 2.2 Models of competitive assessment

Topic 3: Innovation map

  • Topic 3.1 Map of innovation in history
  • Topic 3.2 Incremental vs. disruptive innovation

Topic 4: Disruptive innovation trends

  • Topic 4.1 Disruptive technologies
  • Topic 4.2 Index of technological adoption (Note: Create your own "grid")

This course is part of Digital transformation as a business and innovation strategy Professional Certificate Program

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