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Intellectual Property Courses

Learn about Intellectual Property and more with online courses and lessons on edX!

learn intellectual property

learn intellectual property

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property is the knowledge and trade secrets of organizations. Rather than the physical production of goods, intellectual property rights seek to protect the intangible property from mental labor. Design, artistic work, and inventions are some of the things under intellectual property copyright protection. Without the designation, creative works might not be covered under standard patent protection. Intellectual property law exists to encourage economic compensation for artistic work. When people and organizations are fairly compensated, that spurs continual innovation and creative expression. Advancements made in the areas of inventions or design form the basis for new products and services for the good of society.

Learn about Intellectual Property

Understanding IP protections within the patent system gives you an edge when developing your own intellectual property or looking to use the intellectual property of others. If you're creative, are in development for an organization, or just have ideas, understanding design patents is a huge benefit to you. offers courses and certifications designed to introduce you to the world of intellectual property. They're provided in partnership with knowledgable leaders in the field, and you can take part from your own home or office.

Intellectual Property Courses and Certifications

The University of Pennsylvania offers two courses as an introduction to Intellectual Property. In the first, you'll examine past IP cases from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of IP law. The second course continues the discussion with modern interpretations of trademark law and some discussion of alternatives to these trademark rights. IIMG offers a course on Intellectual Property rights from a management perspective. You'll learn about the geographical indications of intellectual property, state laws, and trade secret protection as well as sustainability issues. This includes new technologies and common law applied to confidential information with a tech focus.

Enhance Your Career with Intellectual Property Understanding

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) was created to protect IP rights while weighing fair use, so a thorough understanding of intellectual property could help guide you to a successful career implementing the policies of WIPO and other organizations. Whether you're creating your own original works or protecting the exclusive rights of your organization. Protecting intellectual property is a big step in working in tech, research, and other areas helping to develop new services, products, and answers. When you understand what's covered in IP law, you'll have a good chance of building a rewarding career in development or innovation.