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GTx: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java I: Foundations and Syntax Basics

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Learn the foundational basics of the Java programming language.

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java I: Foundations and Syntax Basics
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About this course

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This course provides an introduction to the Java programming language. It gives students a foundational overview and history of Java, and students will learn about the language’s basic syntax. At the end, they will be able to develop interactive console programs with basic data processing and formatting capabilities.

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What you'll learn

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  • Learn the history of Java
  • Learn the basic elements of a Java program
  • Learn how to execute Java programs
  • Understand the motivation behind object-oriented programming
  • Understand how to think of solutions in terms of classes and objects
  • Understand how whitespace, commenting, errors, variables, types, expressions, and casting manifest in Java
  • Learn how to create objects of existing classes
  • Learn how to invoke methods of existing classes
  • Create objects and invoke methods of the String class
  • Learn how to take inputs from the terminal
  • Learn how to specify formatting requirements for text printed to the terminal
  • Learn three kinds of decision-making statements (if, if-else, switch)
  • Learn three kinds of iteration statements (while, do-while, for)
  • Learn how to instantiate one- and two-dimensional arrays
  • Learn how to access, change, traverse, and search for data in arrays
  • Explore modularity and reusability in the context of methods
  • Learn how to define static methods
  • Understand when and how to overload methods
  • Introduction to Java
  • Why Object-Oriented Programming?
  • Basics of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Using Predefined Classes
  • Basic Console Input and Output
  • Programming Decision-Making Statements
  • Developing Iterations and Loops
  • Creating and Using Arrays
  • Writing Methods

This course is part ofIntroduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java Professional Certificate Program

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