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K12 Courses

Take free online K12 education courses to build your skills and advance your career. Take courses about K12 education and other in-demand topics from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

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learn K12 education

What is K12?

K12 refers to publicly supported primary and secondary education in Canada, Australia, South Korea, the U.S. and other countries. While public support for education is available in a limited number of countries, leading institutions and organizations are using online learning technology to make free K12 training and resources available to students, teachers and education leaders anywhere. Online courses in educational leadership, research and innovation as well as K12 online school programs are available to improve classroom learning and access to education.

Online Courses in K12 Educational Innovation and Teacher Training

Find education courses on edX from major universities like Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Queensland and the University of Michigan. Leading Educational Innovation and Improvement is an outstanding 5-part MicroMasters program that was developed in collaboration with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. This in-depth program addresses the key challenge of finding innovative techniques for improving student engagement and performance. With research strategies, classroom performance analysis and evidence-based methods, educators can pursue continuous improvement, raise student performance and reduce gaps in student achievement.

Also explore MIT’s Launching Innovation in Schools. Launching innovation requires being a change leader. This free, online innovation in education course will help you get started with a new education improvement initiative of your own. Learn how to create and refine the vision and bring people together to take it from start to success.

Many more online courses are available, from Harvard’s popular Introduction to Family Engagement in Education to the University of Pennsylvania’s Introduction to Online and Blended Teaching. Enroll now and start applying new research tools and classroom improvement practices to the K12 curriculum at your school.

Working in K-12 Education

Gain the knowledge to become an active member of improvement teams at your organization. Learn how to design and develop school innovation projects and manage the inter-organizational teams required to get them done. Developing an innovative K12 program requires leadership and communication skills as well as technical and analytical skills to effectively apply new technologies. Gaining these skills can help you in your existing job or greatly enhance your CV when applying for a new job position.