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Knowledge Management Courses

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What is Knowledge Management?

An organization has a body of knowledge that comes from its history and operations. Knowledge management is the process of creating that knowledge and then sharing and using it through a cohesive system. A knowledge management system ensures that an organization's knowledge base is never compromised by turnover, loss, or continued evolution of the organization itself. A knowledge management strategy informs decision-making for the entire organization. It's vital that the knowledge assets remain protected and more importantly, consistent as the company moves forward. Knowledge base is so valuable that huge companies now have resources and teams dedicated to this concept. Knowledge management efforts began in the form of things like apprenticeships, professional training, and mentorship. With computers, a body of knowledge can be systemized so that intellectual capital is always protected. Information systems have made knowledge transfer even easier as companies delve into large bodies of data.

Learn about Knowledge Management

Companies need good people to organize their knowledge management process and ensure that the right people always have access to the data when required. Whether that's the historical knowledge of the organization or data mining through cutting edge technology, you could be the critical piece that ensures consistency. Regardless of the position - the Chief Knowledge Officer or someone in the data science department - knowledge management is vital. Passing on knowledge is essential to an organization's competitive edge. When lessons are lost or experiences are forgotten, a company must learn those things all over again. If it's at the expense of improvements at a critical time, it could mean huge losses.

Knowledge Management Courses

Whether you're a CKO or interested in becoming someone involved in organizational culture, has courses designed to build those critical skills. Leading institutions in the field of Knowledge Management have partnered with edX to provide a solid foundation for your career move. Hong Kong Polytechnic University offers a course in Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business, giving you an understanding of how Artificial Intelligence will aid and replace traditional knowledge management methods. The most value-added job will be knowledge management and the know-how to maneuver this kind of data will be vital for your future career. MePHL offers a more targeted view of Knowledge Management in Energy. You'll understand how knowledge capital can be used more efficiently and the consequences of poor management. Other courses prepare you for the realities of big data and how our access to it will shape organizational knowledge.

Build a Career in Knowledge Management

Whether tacit knowledge or explicit, someone has to stand at the gates to protect an organization's knowledge assets. You could help your organization maintain a competitive advantage with the strategic implementation of organizational learning. Knowledge management tools are vital to this process, but even more important is the person designated with its responsibility. You could ensure that relevant information is never lost and that different types of knowledge remain the foundation of any business process. We may be entering a world of big data, but our understanding of the value of knowledge hasn't changed.