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Learn Lodash with online courses and programs

Lodash is a powerful JavaScript utility library that can help simplify your processes, speed up development, and improve your code. Learn Lodash with online courses delivered through edX.

What is Lodash?

Lodash is an open-source JavaScript utility library that simplifies the process of coding complex JavaScript projects. It provides helpful methods and utilities to help developers write more efficient and maintainable code. With Lodash, programmers can reuse the same line of code throughout a program instead of rewriting common functions.

Lodash takes common operations and tasks in JavaScript, such as sorting, creating objects, manipulating arrays, and iterating over collections, and breaks them down into simplified versions. This helps make coding with JavaScript faster, easier, and more reliable.Footnote 1

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Lodash tutorial curriculum

A comprehensive Lodash course could cover a wide range of topics related to the library.

Courses that begin with an introduction to Lodash could provide an overview of what it is and why it's useful. This might include discussions on when and where to use Lodash and how it compares to other popular libraries, such as Underscore and jQuery.

The course could then move into more advanced topics, such as functional programming techniques and the various Lodash utility functions. Learners could be introduced to important concepts such as debounce, get, merge, sortBy, forEach, map, filter, and reduce, then practice using them to solve practical problems. 

Courses can cover more complex topics such as object manipulation, chaining, and composition. These concepts are helpful for developers who want to take advantage of Lodash's powerful API. 

Learners may also study best practices for using Lodash in production environments. This would include discussing potential performance optimizations, as well as how to handle errors and debugging effectively. 

Jobs that use Lodash JavaScript library

Web developers and programmers often use Lodash, but there are also opportunities for UX/UI designers, software engineers, and many other related careers. Let’s take a closer look at each of these occupations and how they use the Lodash library:

Web developer: Creates, maintains, and improves websites. They use various programming languages and technologies to build websites from scratch or modify existing ones. Web developers use Lodash to make their code more efficient by taking advantage of the library's many utilities.Footnote 2

Programmer: Develops, tests, and maintains software using a variety of computer languages. This can include writing and debugging code, designing algorithms, managing databases, and more. Programmers use Lodash to write optimized code that functions better and can be debugged easily.Footnote 3

Software Engineer: Develops, designs, maintains, and tests software systems. They work to create code that will help solve problems and optimize performance while remaining secure and efficient. Lodash can help software engineers accomplish these tasks in an efficient and organized way.Footnote 4

UX/UI Designer: Designs and creates digital experiences for users. This includes developing the overall look and feel of a website, app, or other digital product. UX/UI Designers use Lodash to help them quickly create clean and organized code.Footnote 5

Many other jobs use Lodash, such as front-end developers, data scientists, testers, game developers, full-stack developers, DevOps engineers, and more.

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How to use Lodash library

Developers use Lodash to speed up development and create web applications that are more reliable and efficient. 

By utilizing the range of functions that Lodash offers, developers can quickly and easily perform tasks such as sorting data, filtering data, looping over objects, and creating unique values from arrays or objects. Lodash also comes with additional utilities, such as a debounce and throttle, which control how often specific actions are performed. This means that developers can prevent their applications from performing too many requests simultaneously, which can be helpful when dealing with large datasets. 

Overall, Lodash offers several features that can help make development processes easier, faster, and more secure. That’s why developers at companies such as WordPress, Wix, Pew Research, Zillow, Apple, and Cisco use Lodash on their websites.Footnote 6

You can learn Lodash in a variety of ways, including through online courses. But if you want to become a web developer, you might want additional education which can be obtained through a coding bootcamp or as part of a bachelor’s in computer science program.