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Companies hire logistics specialists to manage the flow of goods and services. Combining project management, supply chain management, and inventory control, logistics management ensures that a company consistently delivers fast results for customers.

What is logistics?

Logistics services involve coordinating and managing the movement of raw material, goods, people, and supplies. People often think of logistics services as inventory management. But it's more than ordering, storing, and transporting products and resources. Effective logistics services include coordinating service providers, transportation management, some business administration, budget planning, and a host of other complex tasks. Organizations that specialize in logistics services can include major shipping companies or materials suppliers. And a logistics specialist is central to making it all work. That person makes sure that no piece of the supply chain breaks down.

Taking an online logistics course is a good way to learn about production, operations management, supply chain management, e-commerce, and more. 

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Logistics course curriculum

A typical logistics course will dive deep into supply chain management, introducing learners to key concepts like supply chain modeling, supply chain network design, and the role technology plays in advancing supply chain management. Other courses may hone in on topics such as sustainable urban freight transport or global logistics. Professional certificate programs in business operations are an option for individuals considering jobs in business administration, logistics, or related fields. 

Gain the knowledge and skills to prepare for logistics careers with online logistics courses from edX.

Jobs in logistics

Learning logistics can prepare aspiring professionals for a variety of roles at various levels within a business. Third-party logistics companies and enterprises seek out individuals who can lead operational teams so that nothing in the pipeline gets stalled or derailed. Effective logistics specialists are able to keep vital pieces of the economy moving smoothly while being cost-effective. 

Individuals who study logistics may work as logistics officers, industrial engineering technicians, industrial production managers, management analysts, operations research analysts, purchasing agents, quality control inspectors, and more. Time management and organizational skills can help these professionals stay on top of a complex process that includes many moving parts.

Expand your professional horizons and take an online course with edX to help prepare for careers in the field of logistics.

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