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Logistics Courses

Learn logistics online with courses from MIT's top-rated Supply Chain Management program and other top institutions. Enroll today!

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What Is Logistics?

Logistics services involves managing the movement of raw material goods, people, supplies, or production. It's operations management for highly complex organizations with a lot of moving parts. Now that e-commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry, logistics is an active field for careers. People often think of supply chain management as inventory management, but it's more than that. It involves coordinating service providers, transportation management, some business administration, and a host of other complex pieces that all fit together to form an organization like a major shipping company or a materials supplier.

Why Learn Logistics Solutions

These large companies (like Amazon) have dedicated employees whose sole job is ensuring the reliable movement of all these working parts. Logistics management (and reserve logistics) is a big part of making sure the company never gets too unwieldy to deliver fast results for customers. It's a bit of project management with supply networks and inventory control. Logistics specialists use a blend of logistics functions and software - enterprise resource planning or ERP - to manage the flow of goods and services. The logistics specialist makes sure that no piece of the supply chain breaks down.

Logistics Courses and Certifications

MITx offers a micro-masters degree in Supply Chain Management that's inspired by MIT's number one rated logistics program. It teaches students supply chain modeling using the latest techniques, supply chain network design, and how tech can enable end to end supply chain management. Other courses include Delft's Sustainable Urban Freight transport, which prepares students for global logistics and transport and Chalmer's System Design and Master Control, both for Supply Chain Management and Logistics. These distance learning options prepare you for a new world of logistics based on modern best practices.

Explore a Career in Logistics

Training courses that prepare you to handle the stressful and complicated moving parts for enterprises and international conglomerates help you find careers in this highly stable field in the United States and around the world. Third-Party Logistics companies and enterprises are looking for individuals who can lead their teams with logistics and supply chain management so that nothing in the pipeline gets stalled or derailed. A career in logistics is a way to be part of a multibillion-dollar industry and keep vital pieces of the economy moving smoothly while being cost-effective. This is more than just project management. It's staying on top of a complex group of moving parts so that no one knows all the effort it took to get their package or supplies. Start your career with a few courses and gain learning experience to make it happen.