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Freedom of expression is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Media lawyers protect this freedom while also ensuring that creative expression can't be exploited or stolen. Learn about media law with online courses delivered through edX.

What is media law?

Media law is a branch of law that focuses on the regulation of telecommunications, broadcasting, advertising, and the entertainment industry. It applies to television, radio, print media, and, more recently, social and digital media. This legal sector can cover censorship, intellectual property, and information technology. And, not all types of media follow the same rules and regulations under the law. For example, law related to social media is still evolving and changing as new platforms emerge. And different countries have different regulations for their media.

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Media law course curriculum

Whether a course covers copyright law or court cases for fair use media, learning about media law can be important for professionals managing media channels. An introductory course in media law may cover the following topics:

  • Commercial vs. individual speech

  • Defamation, libel, and slander

  • Privacy

  • Obscenity

  • Copyright law

  • Internet regulations

Many courses offer instruction in more specialized areas. A media law course may help learners better understand major Federal Communications Commission regulations and identify significant changes in law with the advent of the internet. Or learners can explore specific legislation like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and how it applies to different copyrighted materials. 

Careers in media law

Whether you want to work in law or you need to understand how the law can protect your media organization, a better understanding of media law can lead to a fulfilling career. See what edX has to offer in the field of media law and start expanding your knowledge today.

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