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NewcastleX: High Conflict in Law: Personality Disorders and Disputes

Learn about the relationship between some personality disorders and high-conflict behaviour. Discover how to deal with high-conflict behaviours and manage conflicts in legal and business disputes.

3 weeks
1–2 hours per week
Instructor-led on a course schedule
This course is archived
Future dates to be announced

About this course

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Have you ever been in the position where you need to manage a dispute? Have you encountered people who do not seem to behave in a rational way? How might you respond to stressful, high-conflict scenarios?

Learn aboutthe relationship between personality disorders and high-conflict peoplethrough this introductory course from our world-renowned experts, Bill Eddy and Megan Hunter, co-founders of the High Conflict Institute in the U.S, along with Tania Sourdin, Head of School and Dean at Newcastle Law School in Australia

In this course, we will provide you with useful knowledge to understand three personality disorders and their relationship to high-conflict behaviour. We will share our ‘hands-on’ experience based on real-life case studies, and explore effective communication strategies to help you handle high-conflict situations.

This course explains the influence of some personality disorders in developing high-conflict disputes. It is aimed at anyone who may encounter high-conflict behaviours and would like to learn about conflict resolution, particularly in a business or legal setting, including:

  • Lawyers or students studying law
  • Business owners
  • Managers
  • HR professionals
  • Administrators
  • Health and medical practitioners.

At a glance

  • Institution: NewcastleX
  • Subject: Law
  • Level: Introductory
  • Prerequisites:


  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated skills:Personality Disorder, Conflict Resolution, Influencing Skills, Communications

What you'll learn

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  • Outline the relationship between personality disorders and high-conflict personalities.
  • Describe some characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder.
  • Describe the dispute behaviours commonly associated with each of the above disorders.
  • Explain effective communication strategies to manage high-conflict situations.

Week 1:Personality Disorders and High-Conflict Behaviour

  • Types of personality disorders
  • Relationship between personality disorders and high-conflictbehaviours

Week 2: Disputes

  • Behaviours associated with personality disorders, and their potential impact on legal and business disputes
  • Managing high-conflict behaviours in disputes

Week 3: Managing High-Conflict Disputes

  • Effective communication techniques
  • Strategies for de-escalating and managing high-conflict situations

Learner testimonials

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"A lot of practical and insightful material delivered in short, punchy and interesting mix of mediums."

- past HCLx2 student

More about this course

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Note: This course introduces participants to some characteristics of three personality disorders (narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder) as they relate to people demonstrating high-conflict behaviour during disputes. The course does not provide the medical skills for diagnosis of any form of personality disorder.

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