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MITx: Mobile Application Experiences Part 2: Mobile App Design

Learn to create your own mobile app using methods from Mobile Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Transform your mobile app idea into a usable, tested product design.
Mobile Application Experiences Part 2: Mobile App Design
4 weeks
10–12 hours per week
Instructor-led on a course schedule
This course is archived

About this course

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Want to create the next big app, grounded in the needs of real users? This course will teach you Human Computer Interaction (HCI) methods to better understand current behavior in a domain, and then design, develop, and deploy your own application.

This module will take you from an application idea through the creation of a paper prototype and a usability evaluation to validate initial usability of your concept.

Completion of Mobile Application Experiences Part 1 is not required. You can begin this module with an idea you have had on your own.

This course is part of a five-part Mobile Application Experiences series:

At a glance

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated skills: Product Design, Usability, Mobile Application Development

What you'll learn

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  • Identifying key use cases based on user data
  • Turning use cases into designs and interaction flows
  • Creating a paper prototype of your design
  • Understanding initial usability in an evaluation of your paper prototype
Module 1: Understanding a Domain
Week 1: Studying a Domain
Week 2: Identifying Themes and Market Gaps
Week 3: Proposing a Novel Application
Module 2: Mobile Design
Week 1: From Use Cases to Screens
Week 2: Paper and Interactive Prototyping
Week 3: Usability Testing
Module 3: Building Mobile Applications
Week 1: Getting Started on Android and iOS
Week 2: Mobile Location and Networking
Week 3: Instrumentation and Logging / Poster Session
Module 4: Understanding Use
Week 1: Quantitative Methods: Logging, A/B Testing
Week 2: Qualitative Methods: Field and Diary Studies
Week 3: Analyzing Data: Case Study
Module 5: Reporting Research Findings
Week 1: Writing a CHI-style paper
Week 2: Submit paper

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