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Learn PMP skills with online courses and programs

As a PMP (project management professional) you plan, implement, and complete projects to achieve specific goals on time and on budget. Learn PMP skills with online courses delivered through edX.

What is PMP?

A project management professional (PMP) is trained and qualified to lead projects and keep them on track. They manage projects by using a structured approach to achieving specific objectives within a defined set of constraints, like time and budget. PMPs are also responsible for risk and scope management and integration, and are skilled in team management and handling challenges.

A PMP will manage a project through various stages. In the initiation phase, the PMP defines the project’s purpose, objectives, scope, and stakeholders. This phase often results in the creation of a project charter or an initiation document that provides a roadmap. The planning phase is where the details are mapped out. Tasks, timelines, budgets, and resources are meticulously outlined to ensure the project’s success. Execution is the phase where the actual work is performed. Resources are allocated, and the project team carries out the tasks according to the project plan.

Throughout, PMPs track progress, compare it to the plan, and make necessary adjustments. The closing phase involves finalizing all project activities and getting final sign-off from all stakeholders.

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PMP course curriculum

When you learn PMP skills, you can acquire a broad set of knowledge and practices that are essential for effectively planning, executing, and controlling projects. Learners may be interested in topics such as the principles and practices of project management, effective communication and leadership, and problem-solving.

Additional course subjects can include project lifecycles and scope, time and resource management, risk and quality management, project documentation, and teamwork. Advanced learners may be interested in themes like the professional and ethical responsibilities of project managers, such as confidentiality and conflict resolution, or in project management tools and software.

Start building the knowledge you need to manage projects with edX. From accelerated boot camps to comprehensive programs that allow you to earn a bachelor’s degree or (for more advanced learners) a master’s program, there are many different learning formats available to fit your needs. Professionals can even take advantage of executive education courses tailored to fit into your busy schedule. Find the right course for you.

Explore PMP jobs

PMP jobs are diverse and can be found in virtually every industry, ranging from construction and information technology to healthcare and marketing. PMPs will lead on a project from conception to completion. PMPs can also choose to work as consultants who help companies improve their project management processes, strategies, and outcomes; or as profile managers, who oversee a range of related projects. 

A project manager can also specialize in risk management, helping companies identify and mitigate challenges, or as a quality assurance manager, who ensures that projects and processes meet quality standards and compliance requirements. 

Are you ready to grow your knowledge of project management? Start with courses offered through edX.