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PekingX: 大学生职业素养提升 | Enhancing Your Career Competencies

Learn the essential skills and competencies needed to successfully perform a job, including time management, effective communication and self efficacy. 课程精选八项职业素养:创新能力、自我效能、情绪管理、时间管理、有效沟通、自信演讲、求职礼仪和简历撰写,有助于求职就业和综合职业素养培养。

大学生职业素养提升 | Enhancing Your Career Competencies
8 weeks
2–3 hours per week
Progress at your own speed
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About this course

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How can we fulfill our potential when we are ambitious and ready? How do we adjust ourselves and conquer difficulties when faced with adversities? How do we be more methodical and organize our lives well? How do we avoid unnecessary problems and apply effective efforts when we begin our career?

This course focuses on eight career competencies – creativity, self-efficacy, emotion management, time management, effective communication, confident speech, job application etiquette and resume composition – that are essential for career development.

Through systematic studies, students are encouraged to transfer from a “campus person” to a “career person” and will learn how to accommodate to career life in advance, so as to confront challenges skillfully.


At a glance

  • Language: 中文
  • Video Transcripts: English, 中文
  • Associated skills:Creativity, Time Management, Communications, Management

What you'll learn

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  • Master the tactics of improving self-efficacy
  • The emergence and influence of emotion and pressure in the workplace
  • Time management skills
  • Listening, verbal and non-verbal expression
  • Basic skills for speech topic choices, beginning and ending arrangements
  • Enhance creativity skills
  • Etiquette basics of appearance and conversation
  • The preparatory work for resume composition


  • 掌握自我效能感提升的策略和方法;
  • 从调节、主动、认知三个方面管理自己的情绪;
  • 更好地管理你的时间;
  • 积极倾听、有效表达,促进人际沟通和理解技能提升;
  • 如何进行演讲准备,主题选择,开头、结尾设计等技巧;
  • 提升创新能力和创造性思维;
  • 日常职业社交中的仪容仪表和交谈礼仪等技巧;
  • 如何撰写一份出色的简历。

Week 1: Self-efficacy
In this section we will help students understand the sources and factors of self-efficacy, instruct students to master the tactics of improving self-efficacy, and encourage students to analyze and solve the problems they meet in daily study and life with these tactics.

Week 2: Emotion Management
Emotion management influences the students’ self-observation, interaction with others and self-improvement as well as the students’ future development in their career. In this section we will discuss the emergence and influence of emotion and pressure, and lead students to manage their emotion through tactics of adjustment, initiative and recognition.

Week 3: Time Management
In this section we will help students realize the importance of time management and make them face and improve their actual state of time management. We will instruct students to realize the importance of “first things first”, manage the fundamentals of schedule arrangement, analyze daily tasks with the matrix of priority, make efficient arrangements, and improve the efficiency of time application through various methods like conquering procrastination and averting disturbance.

Week 4: Effective Communication
Effective communication enables us to accomplish tasks more at ease, improve mutual understanding with colleagues and clients as well as establish intimacy between others and ourselves. Communication is a two-way process in which we are not only a sender of information and expresser but also a receiver of information and listener. Positive listening and effective expression constitutes the foundation of successful communication. In this section we will talk about listening, verbal and non-verbal expression, etc.

Week 5: Confident Speech
Speech ability plays a fundamental role in one’s life, studies and career development. In this section we will help students realize the importance of speech ability, learn about how to prepare for a speech and basic skills for topic choices, beginning and ending arrangements, etc.

Week 6: Creativity
Creativity enables us to observe opportunities, expand areas and improve skills in our career. In this section we will help students understand the significance of creativity and on this basis, analyze the factors that sets barriers for being creative, and also introduce methods and skills for improving creativity.

Week 7: Job Application Etiquette
Etiquette is the explicit representation of one’s intrinsic culture and quality; it is also the art and skill of communication. Good etiquette in job application may result in a higher probability of success in job application. In this section we will mainly introduce etiquette about appearance and conversation that deserves our attention in job application. These are also important in daily social activities in our career.

Week 8: Resume Composition
Resume is an important document that we use to show our capacities and professional accomplishments to our target enterprises or institutions and it serves as a stepping stone for further communication with them. In this section we mainly introduce the preparatory work for resume composition and common problems for writing a resume and solutions. We emphasize on the writing skill concerning internship and practical training in a resume.

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