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Learn PyCharm with online courses and programs

PyCharm is an integrated development environment (IDE) for programming in Python. Learn PyCharm with online courses delivered through edX.

What is PyCharm?

PyCharm is a Python IDE (integrated development environment) developed by JetBrains. An integrated development environment assists developers as they write, test, and debug code with a set of software tools.Footnote 1

An IDE’s features include: a text editor used to write code; a project editor and compiler used to store and compile essential files of a software project; and an output window used to check if your input is correct.Footnote 2 If there are any mistakes, the IDE suggests what programmers can change to fix them. It also has a collection of modules that allow developers to add features to their applications.

Many Python application development projects use PyCharm. It has cross-platform usability and runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.Footnote 3 As of 2023, PyCharm supports two versions of the language: Python v2.7 and Python v3.6 and above.Footnote 4

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PyCharm tutorial curriculum 

There are many benefits to learning how to use PyCharm. You may be able to write more efficient code in less time, work on programming languages in an organized way, and become more competitive as you apply for jobs. If you’re a beginner and interested in how to learn PyCharm, start with the basics of Python. An introductory Python course may cover fundamental concepts such as how to use variables and how to assign values to an object.

Once you know a bit about Python, you could begin learning PyCharm. A PyCharm tutorial for beginners may cover topics on how to:

  • Install and set up PyCharm. 

  • Customize the interface. 

  • Configure interpreters. 

  • Manage Python packages. 

  • Get support to write code.

  • Run, refactor, and debug your code. 

Intermediate and advanced course may include lessons on how to:

  • Develop FastAPI applications with Kubernetes and AWS. 

  • Build static sites with Sphinx and Markdown.

  • Run, build, and deploy Django applications with AWS. 

  • Develop serverless APIs with AWS toolkit. 

  • How to perform virtual tests.Footnote 5

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Explore PyCharm jobs 

Many industries use PyCharm and offer opportunities for programmers and computer scientists to use the IDE to build creative solutions. Use cases for Pycharm can be found in industries such as:

  • Education and research: Develop software tools, conduct research, and teach PyCharm programming. 

  • Data science: Create and test Python scripts, modules, and packages for data visualization, modeling, and analysis.

  • Finance: Develop trading algorithms, analyze financial data, and build financial models.  

  • Web development: Use Python-based web development frameworks such as Flask and Django. 

  • Gaming: Build games using game development libraries like Pygame and Ren’Py. 

Building your skills with PyCharm can be helpful in a variety of professional roles including: Python developer, data scientist, machine learning engineer, full-stack developer, and DevOps engineer.  If you want to use PyCharm in your career, a helpful first step could be to build your knowledge of the Python programming language. You can review PyCharm documentation, PyCharm tutorial PDFs, and video tutorials to familiarize yourself with the basics. If you want to advance your coding skills quickly, consider enrolling in a coding boot camp. Joining the online PyCharm community will also allow you to learn from experienced developers.

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