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DavidsonX: The Essentials of Data Literacy Online Course

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Essentials of Data Literacy Course

Learn fundamental data skills with an online course that teaches you how to analyze, manage, and visualize data. Audit for free or obtain a certificate.

The Essentials of Data Literacy Online Course
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About this course

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Learn data literacy online using R programming

What is data literacy and why is it important? In this data literacy course, you will learn how to become data literate. This will be accomplished by performing data analysis, data visualization, and communicating with data, using real datasets and examples that are relevant to a variety of audiences and academic disciplines. Data is part of every field, but not everyone has had the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to find the data they need and use it in ways that add to their work. Whether you are in public health, healthcare, banking, law, education, graduate school, or a variety of other fields, there is a way to understand and make use of related data.

Earn your data literacy certificate online

This free four-week course will give you the opportunity to build and leverage your data skills for upward mobility at any stage in your career. It will take you through the six steps of the data lifecycle, using different case studies and contexts, and teach you how to analyze, manage, and communicate data, working in R to achieve basic R programming competencies. R is a statistical programming language that is a great resource to analyze data, manage data, and visualize data.

No experience is required to learn this in-demand skill. By the end of this data literacy training course, you will be able to identify key principles of data analysis, use critical thinking skills, and become proficient in building powerful visuals. If you are interested in building a career in data analytics, first learning these foundational lessons is vital.

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What you'll learn

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Develop your data analytics skills

  • The six steps of the data lifecycle
  • Use R to perform probability functions, statistical analysis, data management, and more

  • Learn how to be a critical consumer and producer of data visualizations

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your company’s data needs

  • Discover how to market your data skills to employers

This course is part of Data Analysis Basics with Excel and R Professional Certificate Program

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