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Refugee Law Courses

Learn Refugee Law with online courses and lessons from top schools and institutions on edX!

learn refugees law

learn refugee law

What is Refugee Law?

Refugee law is a specific area of human rights designed to protect displaced persons due to conflict, economic distress, and other risk factors. Human rights law seeks to protect stateless persons and provide the most beneficial outcome for anyone who needs international protection.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees designated international refugee law at the 1951 Refugee Convention, encouraging all countries to adopt consistent protocol relating to the status of refugees. This Universal Declaration of Human Rights has provided a foundation for international humanitarian law.

Whether it's fear of persecution, armed conflicts, or economic distress, legal protections ensure that refugees' rights are maintained, and that displaced persons receive the full protections of countries welcoming them into their borders.

Learn about Refugee Law

What makes a refugee? What responsibilities do international organizations have to refugee interests? What policies must govern the work of Non-Governmental Organizations? Refugee studies courses from and leading thinkers in the field of refugee crisis protocols can help you build a foundation for your work.

You'll take courses on your own time and with a global cohort of students all working for the good of international human rights law. You'll understand the definition of a refugee according to different statutes, and what goes into refugee status determination.

Refugee Law Courses and Certifications

LouvainX offers a course on Asylum and Refugee Law, which introduces you to the basic concepts of refugee status determination. You'll learn about the protection of refugees and internally displaced persons and how political opinion shapes the policies of individual countries, as well as focus specific terms like non-refoulement, forced migration, habitual residence, and other terms.

Amnesty International offers a course outlining refugees' specific rights, and FedericaX provides a course on Contemporary Issues in World Politics. You'll learn about significant events pertaining to refugees after World War II and how a history of policy has shaped the United States' involvement in areas like Syria, Iraq, Kosovo, Sudan, and others.

Refugee Law and The World Stage

Refugee Law and Policy has evolved as the world undergoes different traumas. You'll understand how statelessness is treated around the globe and refugee problems and concerns facing the globe today. Whether it's a particular social group or a massive disruption, international law should move to protect.

You can help create solutions for asylum claims and refugee states. From the Cartagena Declaration to the latest UNHCR concerns across Europe and Africa, you can use your expertise to make a difference for asylum seekers and refugees worldwide