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Learn Russian with online courses and programs

Are you interested in studying a new language? Learn Russian with online courses delivered through edX.

What is Russian?

Russian is the official language of Russia and is spoken as a first language by millions of people worldwide. Learning Russian allows you to explore and appreciate the culture of Russia, which has made important contributions to the world in literature, art, and philosophy, with a history that stretches back a thousand years. Russian history is a complex tapestry of political, social, and cultural developments, characterized by periods of expansion, upheaval, and transformation.

Proficiency in Russian can also enrich your experiences in and understanding of Russian-speaking countries, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and parts of Central Asia. Understanding the language can provide you with a deeper insight into the perspectives, policies, and international affairs of various countries.

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Russian course curriculum

Russian courses can help to progressively build proficiency and understanding of the language. Since Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, beginner classes can start with recognizing and pronouncing Russian sounds accurately. Introductory Russian courses can also touch on basic vocabulary, simple phrases, and grammar fundamentals, which will allow you to begin reading and writing simple sentences in Russian. Intermediate and advanced courses can build on these skills with further vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and cultural fluency. Some courses may focus on Russian history, literature, and contemporary issues in more depth.

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Professional benefits of learning Russian

Learning Russian can open up career opportunities in fields that require communication with Russian-speaking individuals or engagement with Russian-speaking regions. These roles may include:

  • Diplomat or foreign service officer: Represents their country’s interests in Russia or other Russian-speaking countries.

  • Translator or interpreter: Bridges language barriers in various industries such as business, law, healthcare, and international organizations.

  • International business employee: Works in international sales, marketing, or management for companies that have a presence in or trade with Russian-speaking countries.

  • Teacher: Teaches Russian culture and literature at schools, colleges, or language institutes. You could also work as an English teacher in Russia if you are a native English speaker with Russian language proficiency.

  • Foreign correspondent: Reports on events in Russia and specializes in Russian politics and culture.

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