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Learn scripting languages with online courses and programs

Scripting provides instruction to a computer. Used in testing and automation, scripting languages can offer an easy introduction to coding that opens the door to a tech career. Learn scripting with online courses delivered through edX.

What is scripting?

Let’s start with the basics: a scripting definition. In the most rudimentary sense, scripting is a way of providing instructions to a computer to tell it what to do and when to do it. More specifically, scripting is a type of programming language designed for runtime environments to communicate with other programming languages, add functionality, test or integrate systems, and automate tasks. Scripting is a quick, efficient way to modify your instructions each time the program runs, without recompiling the entire code.

Web developers can use scripting when their goal is to create a dynamic user experience. For instance, they might program static HTML or CSS e-commerce pages in advance to establish the basic layout. Then, they add scripting language to automate pricing and inventory updates in real time. Scripting language can display recent search results and reminders about items in the shopping cart. 

With a bit of scripting practice, you’ll not only be able to develop personalized, user-friendly websites, but you can create mobile apps, manipulate large data sets, and apply machine learning automation to your systems.

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Scripting language tutorial curriculum 

With a combination of curiosity, patience, and a desire to problem-solve, you can begin learning scripting. Open-source languages can be easy to grasp, simple to work with, and fast to develop, which can make them an ideal starting point for learners pursuing certain tech careers. 

A beginner scripting language course may include: 

  • An introduction to CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

  • The basics of how to learn scripting and interpret algorithms

  • Information on programming constructs, including function and control structure 

  • Instruction on how to choose from a list of scripting languages for your project

More advanced courses may include:

  • An overview of Linux commands and Shell scripting basics

  • Hands-on exercises like an Apple scripting or Bash scripting tutorial

  • Lessons on Bash scripting to automate complicated database tasks

  • Practice with writing a fully functional program in proper syntax 

  • A deep dive into Python scripting language applications

There are many different ways to learn scripting, so it’s important to consider which educational pathway best fits your needs. Explore all of the learning opportunities offered through edX. You can take specialized, shorter online courses or boot camps, such as a coding boot camp. Or develop your skills with more comprehensive bachelor’s degree programs and master’s degree programs, such as an online bachelor’s in computer science program. 

Jobs that use scripting languages 

Many different professionals use scripting language in their daily tasks.Footnote 1 Learning scripting languages may help prepare you for roles such as:

  • Web developer: add functionality to their websites with a mix of client- and server-side scripting languages.

  • Systems administrator: use scripting to automate network tasks like looking for bugs, testing new program installs, or generating reports.

  • Application developer: design and test software applications using one or more scripting languages to ensure that all elements are accessible and function properly. 

  • Software engineer or DevOps engineer: write and troubleshoot functional interfaces for everything from mobile apps to medical devices with scripting languages.

Apply your scripting skills to streamline, automate, and innovate and set yourself apart as you pursue a career in the tech field.

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