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Self-Care Courses

Online self-care courses on edX. Learn about nutrition, mental health, and other important topics by taking relevant classes online.

learn self care

learn self care

What is self-care?

NAS we understand more about mental health and well-being, our health initiatives have expanded from physical health solely. Researchers and healthcare providers now know that our mental health affects our physical health and vice versa, creating a cycle of positive or negative effects.

While some still associate self-care with self-indulgence, our understanding of what it takes to care for our minds and bodies offers a new look into the things we do to stay healthy. Physical activity is essential, as is getting enough sleep, but we also care for ourselves in many ways. Hobbies and social interactions can be as much a part of self-care as eating a healthy diet. 

Research shows these self-care activities help us avoid or relieve burnout and bolster the self-esteem we need to tackle everyday stressors. Without a holistic view of self-care strategies, we're left vulnerable to the ravages of day-to-day stress.

Learn about self-care

The coronavirus pandemic offered a glimpse into how self-care practices can help manage short-term and long-term stress. edX offers courses that delve into the psychology and biology of self-care, developed by leaders in the field. Students can explore the scientific basis for proper self-care for stress management.

Many courses are available for free for personal growth, but students may also elect to pay a fee for official credit, certification, or even a degree. The edX platform makes it easy to explore topics and gain the foundational knowledge necessary for personal and professional growth.

Self-care courses and certificates

Students can participate in the course The Science of Happiness delivered by Berkeley. Students can learn science-based principles for happiness and the mental habits happy people adopt. The course addresses emotional health and daily routine as well as stress management.

The University of Washington offers a course, Becoming a Resilient Person, the Science of Stress Management. Learners build skills to handle their self-care needs and prevent burnout while taking charge of their own health in the face of stress.

Building a self-care routine

Self-care is more than candles and baths. It's a well-rounded approach to mental and emotional well-being that allows us to weather stress and build resilience. Without self-care strategies, we're in danger of poor mental health, physical health challenges, and ruining relationships with our loved ones.

edX provides resources for students exploring the intricacies of true self-care and human mental health needs. Before health issues interfere with the quality of everyday life, students can develop skills to overcome them.