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Smart Grids Courses

Learn about Smart Grids and Their Importance with Online Courses on edX today!

learn smart grids

learn smart grids

What is a smart grid?

Smart grids use technology to provide and manage the energy needs of a community. Smart grid technologies such as smart meters and renewable energy sources use the community members' integrated behaviors to automate energy resources and design a greater energy efficiency for the grid infrastructure.

The integration of renewables into the grid systems also helps ensure that the future of energy consumption. Smart cities can use new technologies for energy optimization, providing a sustainable way forward for the energy demands of tomorrow.

Large communities like the United States—with large scale electric grid needs—to rural communities looking for ways to provide consistent, high-quality energy, it's time to learn how smart grids can provide a way forward.

Learn about smart grids

To make use of smart energy options, communities and stakeholders need experts to help build policy and understand the technology that makes it all possible. Energy use is going to get more complex as populations grow. edX can provide the knowledge you need to get into the action.

You'll take courses designed in partnership with leaders in the field. You'll join a global cohort of students all interested in renewable energy and sustainability. You can take courses on your own time, or you can invest in official certification for future employment or research.

Smart grid courses and certifications

DelftX offers two courses in smart grid design—together, they make up Delft's professional certification series. You'll study the digital technologies that make smart grids possible. You'll understand how to design and apply optimal power flow and identify different approaches to the renewable energy system.

In fact, you can take Delft's many courses in sustainability and smart technologies. You'll gain the expertise to understand and design different types of electrical grids, applying automation to your particular community's power system.

Designing the power grid of the future

The demand response of power as populations shift, and change will require an understanding of smart grid technologies. Whether it's building new types of power plants to convert renewable energy or understanding the newest technologies like electric vehicles or the internet of things, and partners can provide a path.

These control systems can streamline the energy grid and provide sustainable energy that can match demand and provide excellent results. Information technology has already transformed the energy grid so much; from wind power to advanced metering infrastructure to cybersecurity, you'll have the expertise you need to lead the way in smart grid systems.