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Social Responsibility Courses

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learn social responsibility

learn social responsibility

What is Social Responsibility?

Business makes up a significant portion of society, so the idea that companies should have a responsibility towards society is a common one. The positive impact business can have on society as a whole could be a considerable part of a business's longevity. For a business to operate efficiently, it must balance pursuing profit with a responsibility towards society. A business model should consider the environmental impact of decisions and the human rights angle to be sustainable. A business can't remain open if the impact is largely negative. Either support will dry up, or the environment will become more hostile. Sustainable development, on the other hand, fosters a relationship with the community and considers the business a steward of the environment that supports it.

Learn about Social Responsibility

Business ethics should keep an organization from pursuing profit at the expense of workers and the environment, but sometimes that line isn't so clear. Understanding how business impacts these sectors helps organizations make decisions that benefit the company and while maintaining the social responsibility they have. Social responsibility means being aware of a business's impact and doing the right thing to maintain that balance. Good business takes care of its surroundings and its people so that both business and society thrives.

Social Responsibility Courses and Certifications

If you want to move further into what it means to be a socially responsible business, edX has courses offered in partnership with leaders in the field. The University of Pennsylvania offers a course on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) designed to introduce you to the latest concepts while Babson shows you how to take those concepts to the next step with its course, From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Social Innovation. For specific niches, there are also courses addressing benefits and challenges to that specific field. MIT offers a course on socially responsible real estate development while Doane examines our agri-food systems. SGA imagines a better world through their series on social responsibility, and Amnesty International considers the role and rights of refugees. MIT also offers a certification course on sustainable real estate development while Wageningen's certification addresses sustainable tourism. You can also explore a micro-masters in various areas of CSR with the University of Queensland and their exploration of energy and environmental concerns. Once you've learned your fundamentals, you can get started on a full MBA from Boston University.

Build a Better Company with Social Responsibility

Avoiding environmental issues as a discussion or refusing to take action on labor practices for the sake of the local community could derail your whole business mission. Decision making needs to consider the impact business has on the welfare of society because the fates of both are intertwined. Your understanding could be the key to building a better business and a better world.