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AlaskaX: Sport Business Foundations

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Kick off your career in sport management. This course explores the variety of career pathways within sport management and will help you identify your personal strengths. Discover real job opportunities and learn how to network with professionals in the field – this is where you break into the industry.

Sport Business Foundations
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About this course

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Most people want to work in a career they are passionate about which is what draws many people to the highly competitive field of sport business, or what is commonly known as sports management. This course is rooted in traditional business foundations as they apply to the sport business realm and is taught by professionals who are all working in, or have worked in, the sport business field.

This course is an introduction to career pathways, professional development, and opportunities within the sport management field. Course participants will learn about the complexity and intricacies within the landscape of the sports industry. Professional sports, International sport, collegiate sport, and interscholastic sport will all be covered. Students will explore their own interests and strengths to create a baseline understanding of the sports industry as a whole. Primary focus in this course is on introducing:

  • Segments of the sports industry such as professional, collegiate, and youth sports
  • Career concentration areas within the sport management field such as sales, sponsorship, sport marketing, facility management, sport governance, and event management
  • Strategies for professional development and networking

At a glance

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
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  • Associated skills: Governance, Sport Business, Sports Management, Management, Facility Management, Sales, Marketing

What you'll learn

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  • Compare and contrast skills in various segments of the sport industry.
  • Identify common places where students can find jobs in the sport industry.
  • Apply networking and professional development techniques for breaking into the sport management field.
  • Discuss future trends in the sport industry

WEEK 1: Outline and segments of the sports industry

  • 1.1 Overview
  • 1.2 History of the Sports Industry
  • 1.3 Segments of the Industry

WEEK 2: Structure of the sports industry in the US

  • 2.1 Collegiate Sports
  • 2.2 Professional Sports
  • 2.3 International Sports
  • 2.4 Youth/Interscholastic Sports

WEEK 3: Professional development in the sports industry

  • 3.1 Conferences and professional organizations
  • 3.2 Mentorship sources
  • 3.3 Informational interviews
  • 3.1 Common job boards

WEEK 4: Current trends and challenges in the sport industry

  • 4.1 Big-data, AI, and wearable technology
  • 4.2 Digital and social issues in sport organizations
  • 4.3 Multi-layered sponsorship and partnerships

This course is part of Sport Business Management Professional Certificate Program

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