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STEM Courses

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What is STEM?

The STEM field includes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, all fields in high demand for a variety of industries. Getting a STEM education can lead to STEM careers. The STEM workforce provides the foundation for building the next innovations in tech, engineering, and other fields. 

STEM education is best when it's hands-on, allowing students to grasp complicated concepts in science, engineering, and other subjects. The subjects lay the foundation for 21st-century skills in high demand in today's workforce. Students can begin their career preparations in high school without having a clear career path in mind and translate scientific and engineering thinking into their journey later on.

Learn about STEM fields

When you decide to brush up on your STEM knowledge or explore these fields for the first time, you need a reliable set of courses covering a broad STEM interest. offers courses designed in partnership with leading stem thinkers in engineering, computer science, mathematics, and related fields. These education programs are available on your own schedule and happen alongside a worldwide cohort of students.

STEM Courses and Certifications

A wide range of disciplines fit into STEM learning. Luckily, many are available on the edX platform. You can brush up on A-Level Mathematics with ImperialX, designed to provide stem activities in mathematics at a foundational yet comprehensive level. You'll master the problem-solving skills required in mathematics as a basis for further scientific inquiry.

MITx offers quite a few courses in STEM-related fields, including physics, chemistry, and other hard sciences, as well as new technology courses in computer engineering. You'll learn with the most rigorous scientific standards as you complete courses with one of the premier higher education institutions in the world. 

If you're planning to teach STEM subjects and want to brush up on your skills as a STEM teacher, there are also courses designed to introduce a STEM curriculum's fundamental principles. These courses from institutions such as TeachersCollegeX and CornellX provide the foundation for building science education into k12 and post-secondary education classrooms.

Support STEM for Future Innovation

Student achievement in STEM opens a world of possibilities for the future. The U.S. Department of Education predicts STEM will continue its rise as technology progresses. We're going to need creative solutions for some of the world's most pressing problems, and STEM jobs and training could provide the path.

STEM stands to provide some wonderful innovation for humanity as we move forward. Whether you're looking for professional development or real-life experience, edX and partners can provide a foundation with a creative learning environment. It's time to build the next generation of STEM thinkers.