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Sustainable Energy Courses

Take free online sustainable energy courses to build your skills and advance your career. Learn sustainable energy and other in-demand subjects with courses from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

learn renewable energy

learn renewable energy

What is Sustainable Energy?

Sustainable energy is energy that can be generated and used without depleting the source. Examples include energy derived from moving water (hydropower), wind power, heat of the Earth (geothermal energy) and the sun (solar energy). Energy derived from the burning of coal, oil or uranium is not considered renewable because they are finite resources. Coal, for example, while naturally occurring, took hundreds of millions of years to form and therefore is not considered renewable on a human timescale.

Online Sustainable Energy Courses and Programs

Get an introduction to sustainable and alternative energy with online courses from major universities and institutions worldwide. edX offers both individual courses and advanced programs designed to help you learn about sustainable energy sources, technologies and production in an engaging and effective online learning environment complete with video tutorials, quizzes and more.

Additionally, edX offers the option to pursue verified certificates in sustainable energy courses. The certificate lists edX and the name of the university or institution offering the course and can be uploaded to your LinkedIn profile. It is proof for employers and others that you have successfully completed the course. Get started in sustainable energy with one the following courses or programs.

Sustainable Energy: Design a Renewable Future, from TU Delft in the Netherlands, offers an excellent introduction to the energy production of the future. Students will learn about the potential for energy transition to renewable sources like wind and solar. At the completion of this 9-week course, students will be able to design a plan for a completely sustainable energy system.

Solar Energy, a self-paced course from TU Delft in the Netherlands, gives an excellent introduction to the technology that converts solar energy into electricity. Learn various ways that solar energy is converted into electricity, heat and solar fuels. Understand how photovoltaic conversion works, how to measure the performance of solar panels and solar power systems, and get an overview of the latest solar cell technologies.

Explore other free online sustainable energy courses. Many courses are self-paced so you can enroll and start learning today.