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Learn technology with online courses, classes, and lessons

Whether they’re mechanics, nurses, or coaches, learning technology specific to an industry enables professionals to thoroughly and efficiently complete functions necessary to their jobs. Explore how to learn technology that can propel your career with edX.

What is technology?

Covering a broad range of applications, technology refers to the use of science to practically solve humanity’s problems.Footnote 1 Technological innovation has led to humans being able to light their homes, travel across continents, manufacture at massive scales, develop life-saving cures, and communicate in an instant. It’s more than just the flashiest new car feature. Technology can fundamentally change the way we live, both disrupting industries and creating all new industries. And its impact permeates through every level of an organization. From developing new features on a banking app that enable customers to transfer money more swiftly to implementing stronger security systems in physical banking buildings, professionals who pursue careers in technology have a multitude of specialized roles that they can play depending on their passion.

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Learning about technology

The level of expertise needed to create and maintain technology can vary depending on the field that you work in and the position. Those seeking a promotion in their existing field may need a particular course to obtain technology training and develop specialized knowledge on one particular function. But a learner hoping to enter a field or change careers may need a more extensive program that covers everything from free technology basics courses to advanced concepts. 

How to start learning about technology online

To decide the right path for you, think about the skills that you currently possess and the reason that you want to acquire new skills. If you want a specific technology career, then learn what employers in the field expect of applicants. For example, large software companies that provide support to other businesses may require a bachelor’s degree in specific fields like data science or engineering.Footnote 2 But for professionals who have already completed undergraduate coursework, earning a master’s degree could be an opportunity to develop new skills that are more relevant to your current position or management skills if you are pursuing a career in that direction. 

Learners can also choose online technology classes and technology certificate programs that cover the latest developments related to specific industries. A CEO, for example, may not have the time to complete a full degree program, but may benefit from a specific tutorial course on information technology that enables them to work better with their IT teams. 

Courses can cover various niche topics including automotive technology, fintech, instructional design, vocal recording technology, and information technology.

Explore technology jobs

Technology hubs aren’t limited to Silicon Valley and New York’s “Silicon Alley.” Careers in technology are everywhere, in part, because of the technological advancements that have enabled more people to work remotely. 

Positions that may be available to learners who pursue careers in this field include:

  • Computer and information research scientists: design innovative uses for new and existing technologiesFootnote 3

  • Database administrators and architects: create or organize systems to store and secure data and ensure that data is available to authorized usersFootnote 4

  • Information security analysts: plan and implement security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks and systemsFootnote 5

  • Network and computer systems administrators: determine an organization's systems needs and install hardware and softwareFootnote 6

  • Web developers and digital designers: create and maintain websites, assuming responsibility for the look, functions, and ease of navigation for usersFootnote 7

But there are a host of other positions depending on whether you want to build the next big app for Google or build the next generation of self-driving vehicles. 

How to begin a career in technology online 

Because career possibilities exist in so many businesses and fields, different educational paths are available to learners who want to become technology experts. A technology course curriculum can include most of the following subjects:

  • Computer engineering

  • Cybersecurity

  • Information systems

  • Information technology

  • Software engineering

Learners can find a variety of edX technology offerings, including boot camp programs as well as bachelor’s degrees in computer science or master’s degrees in data science. And learning technology doesn't just require technical skills. Learners must demonstrate analytical thinking, critical thinking, communication skills, and problem-solving to be successful in this field. 

Technology FAQ

Technological solutions can drive some of the most important decisions organizations make. Technology can be a suitable career path for anyone who is interested in contributing to solving humanity’s problems. Because it can be applied in many areas, there are many roles within the field that provide opportunities for growth and utilize creative thinking. 

Learning technology online can expose professionals to new concepts and ideas, and allow them to develop more specialized knowledge. With online short courses and boot camps delivered through edX, any professional can find a flexible learning path that works for them based on their career goals and current level of expertise.

Because businesses and organizations in all sectors typically employ technology experts in various roles, professionals with requisite skills may find that they have more options for job opportunities. However, learning about the latest technological trends in a specific field can also benefit professionals who don't plan to work on the technology itself, but who may need to understand how to interact with it. 

A wide range of online boot camps and training programs can teach technical skills to learners. The first step is to identify the desired technical skills and search for courses in that subject. An online technology course in computer science essentials can cover designing, developing, and testing software applications, while a specialized course in music technology foundations can cover software applications for sound, audio, effects, and sequencing. Options span a range of fields and will depend on a learner’s experience and desired field.

Learning the basics can begin with taking a technology course or earning a technology certificate. Foundational technology courses typically approach the subject from a beginner’s level, which can be useful for students with little to no experience. 

There are many self-paced training courses available that allow anyone to learn technology on their own. These courses usually cover technology basics and foundational knowledge. Learners can later decide if they want to specialize in the field. 

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