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TensorFlow Courses

Take free online Tensorflow courses to build your skills in machine learning. Explore machine learning, data science and other in-demand subjects with courses from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

learn tensorflow

learn tensorflow

What is TensorFlow?

If you're going to do any work in machine learning, you'll have to have some experience with Tensorflow. It's an open source library for symbolic math, used to perform differential programming. It was created by the Google Brain team to make the computing load easier and faster for machine learning and deep learning applications. It's frequently used when building neural networks and eases the process of acquiring the data you need for training models. It's capable of facilitating the types of high-level numerical computation necessary to train those deep learning models for large scale machine learning. It performs tasks in user-friendly Python and executes them in C++.

Learn Tensorflow

Learning Tensorflow allows you to work with deep neural networks and support scale. The mathematical operations are heavy and complex, but with this machine learning library, high-performance modeling is possible. This type of machine intelligence is possible through dataflow graphs. Nodes in the graphs represent mathematical operations. The nodes, or multidimensional data arrays, that connect each graph are directed through Python while the libraries themselves are C++. Having experience in all three discipline areas allows you to take on the machine learning tasks so common now within data science.

Tensorflow Courses and Certifications for Tensorflow Training

At, IBM offers both standalone courses in Tensorflow and the program as part of an overall certification course in Deep Learning. Deep Learning Through Tensorflow gives you all the background and skills needed to apply deep learning to unstructured data for analysis. It starts with "Hello World" and moves quickly to curve fitting, regression, classification, and minimization of error functions. IBM also offers a way to scale those operations using Tensorflow and Google's Tensor Processing Unit to reduce training time. It offers machine learning frameworks at scale and uses the same flexible architecture to scale operations beyond what your in-house team can do. Certification in Deep Learning goes well beyond a simple Tensorflow tutorial, giving you not just the learning library but also experience in a variety of deep learning libraries including the dynamic Pytorch and Eager Execution within Tensorflow.

Explore a Career in Deep Learning

Tensorflow is expected of you if you're planning to make a data science career in deep learning. Organizations are building strategies to deal with large amounts of unstructured data vital to their operations, so your experience using this open source software library will help you make sense of that data and build deep learning models that pave the way to business solutions built on those insights. Start your Tensorflow tutorial today!