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IDBx: Road safety in the Caribbean region: institutions and data management

Learn about the current state of road safety in our region, its main challenges, and areas of action.

Road safety in the Caribbean region: institutions and data management
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About this course

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“I am a Lieutenant Colonel in passive service of the Ecuadorian Transit Commission and a teacher at Condues (Training School for Professional Drivers) in Guayaquil, and this course allowed me to understand the reality of statistics and the problems at the regional level in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the actions and projections to achieve a reduction in traffic crashes in my country and in the others around the region."

Can you imagine being able to contrast your opinions and experiences with people like Lieutenant Colonel Enrique from Ecuador or other practicing public managers and representatives of Civil Society organizations from all over the region? In this course, you will have that opportunity and also access to videos of international specialists from various organizations (IDB, PAHO / WHO, WRI, LatinNCAP, among others), readings, best practices in the Caribbean region, recommendations, practical activities, and discussion forums.

As traffic crashes are one of the main causes of death in Latin America and the Caribbean, their consequences are immediate and generate a great social and economic burden.

Be a part of the change now, and let's make safe mobility a reality!

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What you'll learn

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At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the road safety challenges that Latin America and the Caribbean face, and understand the importance of designing an action plan based on data and evidence.

  • Understand the difference between sustainable and unsustainable interventions, recognizing those that have been effective in reducing road crashes; and analyze how these could be implemented in your city.

  • Analyze our behaviors, as users of motorized vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists; identifying those that put our safety and that of others at risk.

Introductory Module: Road Safety in the Global Agenda, diagnosis of road safety in the world, and your role in road safety.

This module presents the road safety crashes statistics for the Latin American and Caribbean countries and the new commitments by the international community to address road safety for the next 10 years. It also invites you to think about road safety as a user.

Module 1: Institutions for Road Safety

This module presents the importance of road safety plans and management as one of the key pieces for a sound implementation of road safety policy and strategy.

Module 2: Road Safety Data Collection

This module introduces the experiences of Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, and OISEVI in data collection. It also explains = the basic elements for effective data collection.

Module 3: Road Safety Policies

This module presents sustainable policies in the road safety field, focused on the Vision Zero approach, vehicle regulations, legislation, and enforcement.

Module 4: Conclusions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the “AUDIT TRACK”?

The audit track provides free access to the course, allowing you to explore the materials and participate for a duration of 2 weeks from the day you subscribe.

What is the “VERIFIED TRACK”?

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This course is part of Road Safety in the Caribbean Region Professional Certificate Program

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