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UBCx: Working as a Game Writer

Learn what it takes to work as a video game writer: from resumes to writing tests to contracts and NDAs.

Working as a Game Writer
5 weeks
4–6 hours per week
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About this course

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What is it like to work as a video game writer? How do you even apply for game writing jobs? Is it true that you might have to take a writing test?

This capstone course puts everything you’ve learned in the previous courses together. Each assignment has helped you produce writing samples that are suitable for a portfolio. Now we’ll show what to do with it.

We’ll explore what it takes to get a position as a video game writer or narrative designer, including how to get experience that will make you stand out. We look at what the hiring process is like, what sort of writing tests you may be asked to perform, and how to connect with people in the industry.

Verified learners who complete this course will receive feedback on their portfolio from the instructor. Verified learners will also access additional resources, including game industry interviews, assignments and discussion topics, connecting with a community of other writers and game enthusiasts.

At a glance

What you'll learn

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  • What HR departments are looking for
  • What to include in a portfolio and resume
  • Writing tests in the game industry and what to expect
  • Getting experience: making games without knowing how to code
  • Contracts, NDAs and freelance work
  • Volunteering, networking and conferences

Module 1: Portfolios and Resumes

  • HR requirements
  • What to include in your portfolio
  • Writing a resume
  • Bios and why we need them

Module 2: Getting the Job

  • Interviews
  • Different paths to game writing jobs
  • Writing tests

Module 3: Getting game writing experience

  • Any experience is good experience
  • Make a game
  • Just keep writing

Module 4: You’ve got the job, now what?

  • Paperwork
  • NDAs
  • Freelancing

Module 5: Where to find game writing jobs

  • Job sites
  • Volunteering
  • Networking

This course is part of Writing for Video Games Professional Certificate Program

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