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UBCx: Writing Video Game Characters

Learn how to make effective, memorable video game characters, from protagonists and antagonists to NPCs.

Writing Video Game Characters
5 weeks
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About this course

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You might spend two hours with a character in a movie, but you can spend hundreds of hours interacting with the player character, antagonists and all the non-player characters (NPCs) in a video game. Getting character right is a vital part of getting the game right.

This course will teach you how to create a player character who fits into the mechanics of a video game and all the limitations of the medium, as well as how to create memorable player characters and how to deepen and develop them.

We’ll discuss how characters relate to gameplay, working with existing intellectual property (I.P.) and how a great game needs a great villain. Finally we’ll dive deep into the world of NPCs, exploring the tremendous variety of characters who can populate a video game, and how to make them distinct and interesting.

Verified learners will access additional game industry interviews, assignments and discussion topics, connecting with a community of other writers and game enthusiasts.

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What you'll learn

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  • Develop an understanding of how character and gameplay relate
  • Learn how to create a diverse, memorable character
  • Understand how character relationships influence gameplay
  • Explore the roles of antagonism, allies, and static and dynamic character relationships

Module 1: The Player Character

  • What is a player character?
  • Gameplay and the player character
  • Creating a memorable player character
  • Introducing your player character

Module 2: Deepening the Player Character

  • Deepening your main character
  • Core relationships
  • Gameplay
  • Working with I.P.

Module 3: The Antagonist

  • What is an antagonist?
  • Creating an Unforgettable Villain
  • Breaking bad - developing a villain
  • Boss battles

Module 4: NPCs - Friends

  • Non-Player Characters
  • Evolving relationships
  • Creating distinct NPCs

Module 5: NPCs - Foes

  • The baddies
  • The rogues gallery
  • Creating distinct enemies

This course is part ofWriting for Video Games Professional Certificate Program

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