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Learn Wix with online courses and programs

Do you need to build a professional website, but lack the coding skills to execute your vision? Learn how to use Wix to improve website design, manage content, and funnel new visitors to your critical webpages.

What is Wix?

Wix is an easy-to-use web hosting service that can help you build your website without coding knowledge. This all-in-one platform offers drag-and-drop editing, which can be helpful for users with any level of web design experience.Footnote 1 Wix templates are fully customizable. You can create a completely unique website, even when using a template as a base. It also functions as a content management system (CMS), allowing you to organize your content as you see fit.

One of the key benefits of Wix is that no coding knowledge is necessary to use the service. However, if you want to enhance your website, you can use your web development and design prowess in the Wix integrated development environment (IDE).

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Why learn Wix?

Website building and design is a critical aspect of modern business, essentially acting as a company’s business card. Its functionality, aesthetic, and usability communicate to visitors and potential customers the level of professionalism and quality of work that they can expect from the firm. With Wix, businesses can display a high-quality, responsive website that attracts visitors. 

While creating a website with Wix is as easy as choosing a template and tweaking the details, that is often not enough to help a business stand out. When you know how to use Wix properly, you can customize a website so that it provides the optimal user experience and boosts the traffic volume to the site.

Wix includes tools that allow you to display a variety of media on the website, including images, videos, animations, unique scroll or zoom effects, and more. The Wix Editor includes an SEO section that allows you to optimize web content before publishing, a crucial element of organic marketing. It also helps users ensure the website is mobile friendly.Footnote 2

Learn how to use Wix and build a specialized set of skills that can save businesses time and money, without sacrificing quality.

Wix tutorial curriculum

If you are wondering how to learn Wix, online courses and tutorials can help. A Wix tutorial may provide an overview of how to use the platform and the steps involved in editing a website. The tutorial may showcase the following: 

  • How to set up Wix, become familiar with its main features, and configure settings

  • How to work with the Wix Editor interface

  • How to use the toolbar, grid lines, and layers

  • How to manage pages

  • How to add apps

Once learners have mastered the foundational elements of Wix, they can move on to more advanced Wix courses that may help build specialized skills such as editing mobile websites, using snap objects, anchoring, and using buttons and menus. For those who want to take advantage of the full potential of Wix, more advanced courses also can cover:

  • How to use image-based navigation menus

  • How to create interactive galleries

  • How to use the Wix IDEFootnote 3

  • How to use the dashboard and SEO settings

Explore Wix careers 

Wix is generally used for website building, web design, and web hosting. Businesses that choose to use it as a web-hosting platform may seek out a web manager or designer who has familiarity with Wix. They may choose to hire somebody in-house or seek out freelance web designers who can help clients create a site that reflects their unique brand.

Another role that can also benefit from Wix expertise is a UX/UI designer. This job requires a keen eye for the optimal customer-facing design and usability. Having ‌advanced knowledge in Wix can enable UX/UI designers to adjust a client’s website to improve ease of use. 

Other roles that can also benefit from knowledge of how to use Wix include: web content managers, e-commerce managers, marketing specialists, multimedia specialists, graphic designers, and content marketers.

How to use Wix in your career

If you are pursuing a career as a web designer, you will need to make the right creative decisions to satisfy the client. This will include understanding a client’s vision and executing on your plans in an efficient and organized manner. Efficient web design is where Wix shines. While Wix makes it easy for any person to create websites, experienced web designers can use Wix to help them cater to more clients and work under time constraints.

Because no coding is needed, web designers can focus on their creative process. And, Wix can be an even more powerful tool when paired with a basic understanding of coding languages like HTML, Java and CSS, which will allow you to use the Wix IDE and edit the technical aspect of the website. A background in UX/UI visual design can also help you build out the aspects of a website that best serves visitors. 

If you are interested in learning how to be a better web designer with Wix, explore the many different learning opportunities offered through edX. Accelerated boot camps teach specialized skills like coding, UX/UI design, and product management, which can come in handy when using the tool. You can also choose to build an even more comprehensive set of skills by pursuing a bachelor’s degree or, for more advanced learners, a master’s degree, which can be required for certain job roles. Find the educational format that works best for you and start your learning journey today with edX.

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