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Online Master of Arts in Marketing from Emerson College

Connect the art of storytelling to the science of analytics to strategically push the boundaries of marketing. Become a creative force to shape culture and society for good.

About the program

  • Build high-demand skills: Benefit from an intellectually challenging curriculum that blends storytelling, strategy, and analytics with the latest innovations.
  • No GMAT/GRE scores required: Each applicant’s background and motivations will be assessed holistically to admit those best suited to the program.
  • 100% online learning: Earn your degree in a format designed for working professionals or pursue a graduate certificate in your chosen specialization.

The online Master of Arts in Marketing Masters and Certificate programs from Emerson College are rooted in intentional inclusivity, a hands-on attitude, and a human-focused approach to marketing. 

The online master’s program is aimed at preparing you for a creatively fulfilling career. Whether you want to break into marketing, round out your skills to be more data-driven, launch your freelance career, or even start an agency, the program is designed to help you carve out a rewarding career path. 

As an alternative to the full ​​online Master of Arts in Marketing (MAM) degree, Emerson College also offers four 14-week online graduate certificate programs based on the core MAM curriculum and three specializations.

Choose a certificate program that best suits your needs 

Emerson College’s four 14-week online graduate certificate programs are based on the core MAM curriculum and can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take to complete the online degree. These standalone graduate certificate programs count for 16 credits each and offer a chance to gain specialized skills instead of a single master’s credential. Alternatively, you can roll the credits gained on a graduate certificate into a full master’s if you would prefer to continue your studies.  

Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing

Gain versatile skills that blend creative storytelling, data-driven strategy, campaign development, and today’s technologies. 

Graduate Certificate in Content Strategy

Learn how to plan, create, and deploy effective content for any audience across all marketing channels.

Graduate Certificate in Marketing Analytics

Develop the tools and techniques for measuring campaign performance and using analytics to inform marketing strategy.

Graduate Certificate in Social Media and Digital Public Relations

Leverage a modern PR toolkit to reach an intended audience and share brand messaging through storytelling, social media, SEO-optimized blogs, podcasts, and emails.

About Emerson College 

Emerson College is a progressive media and communications school that combines intellectual exploration with professional preparation. Emerson offers a vibrant community to help ambitious, independent-minded learners of all backgrounds develop their own voice and become a creative force in fields that shape society, culture, and future.


The approach to learning at Emerson College is to learn by doing. The online Master of Arts in Marketing (MAM) curriculum is rooted in intellectually challenging, hands-on learning that covers everything from data metrics to digital marketing. While the program is 100% online, you’ll amplify your expertise and deepen your craft through real-world case studies, creative collaboration on projects, and lively discussions on emerging topics with an intentionally independent-minded and inclusive community. 

The online MAM program blends creative storytelling, data-driven strategy, campaign development, customer behavior, and technologies to equip you with a versatile and future-fit set of skills. It also allows you to carve your own creative path. You can combine five foundational digital marketing courses plus three additional courses from any of the three specializations to build out the master’s degree that works for you. Additionally, the digital marketing core curriculum and the three specializations are offered as standalone graduate certificates.

Tuition and financial aid

The estimated tuition for the online Master of Arts in Marketing (MAM) program as of the 2024–25 academic year is $44,864. A $400 deposit is required upon enrollment. Please note that tuition does not include out-of-pocket expenses such as books, additional course materials, or other fees. Learners can expect a moderate tuition increase each year.

Students enrolling in the following programs are not eligible for Scholarships or Fellowships.

  • Communication Disorders MS Online

  • Marketing MA Online

  • Content Strategy Certificate Online

  • Digital Marketing Certificate Online

  • Social Media and Digital Public Relations Certificate Online

  • Marketing Analytics Certificate Online

Financial aid

There are a number of resources that may be available to help you finance your master’s degree. Resources include federal tuition assistance, private loans, employer tuition assistance, external scholarships, and veteran benefits.

Applying for federal student aid

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) , using Emerson College’s code, 002146.

  • Sign the FAFSA electronically with your Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID.

  • Apply for financial aid at the same time as you complete your program application.

Certification tuition

The 14-week certificates offer you the chance to gain master’s-level skills at a fraction of the cost. As of the 2024–25 academic year, each certification costs $22,432.


While a bachelor’s degree is required, the admissions committee recognizes that academic achievement is just one aspect of a learner’s potential, which goes beyond GPA alone. Admission to the online Master of Arts in Marketing (MAM) program takes a holistic approach and multiple factors are taken into consideration including personal and professional achievements, creative samples, and the applicant's response to essay questions.

GRE or GMAT scores are not required to apply.

Application deadlines

Program start

Early priority deadline

Priority deadline

Final deadline

September 4, 2024

May 15, 2024

June 12, 2024

July 10, 2024

Application requirements

To complete an application, you will need to submit the following materials:

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Come to Emerson. Become a creative force.

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Emerson College appreciates what makes you different. The admissions committee actively seeks creative and collaborative individuals from diverse backgrounds who are looking to shape society and culture for good. 

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree. No GMAT/GRE scores required. Due to the online nature of the program, international students may participate from their home country but do not qualify for I-20s to come to the United States.

Tuition and fees

The estimated tuition for the online Master of Arts in Marketing (MAM) program as of the [2024–25] academic year is $44,864. A number of external resources may be available to help you finance your master’s degree.

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