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Accelerate your Master's degree

MicroMasters® Program in
Nanoscience and Technology

What you will learn

  • Essential physics of transistors, including modern nanoscale transistors.
  • How to design high-performance nanoelectronics.
  • Technology considerations and circuit applications.
  • How to model modern photonic nanostructures and fiber optics.
  • How to account for quantum transport phenomena in nanoscale devices and spintronics.
Expert instruction
6 graduate-level courses
Assignments and exams have specific due dates
8 months
7 - 9 hours per week
6 Academic Credits
Build your skills and your transcript
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Courses in this program

  1. PurdueX's Nanoscience and Technology MicroMasters® Program

Meet your instructors
from Purdue University (PurdueX)

Sayan Roy
Supriyo Datta
Mark S. Lundstrom
Risi Jaiswal
Dallas Morisette
Peter Bermel

Experts from PurdueX committed to teaching online learning

Program endorsements

Qualcomm Technologies

Nanoscience and technology are one of the key enablers of the latest tiny but powerful semiconductor devices today. Qualcomm’s mobile computing and communications products are also growing with the advance of nanotechnology. The nanotechnology MicroMasters program provided by Purdue, the global education and research leader in nanotechnology, would help students learn this important skill set applicable to the modern semiconductor industry.

Jeongil Kim , Senior Staff Engineer

Rolls-Royce Corporation

In addition to hiring graduates of Purdue University, Rolls-Royce has been pleased to partner with Purdue to provide various opportunities for current employees to obtain advanced learning and/or degrees. We see the edX MicroMasters program as a structure by which targeted learning can take place that will help fill a gap and allow in-depth study, particularly in emerging technology areas.

Lisa Teague , Head of Research & Technology


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