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Learn data management to drive your career forward

MicroBachelors® Program in
Data Management with Python and SQL

What you will learn

  • Develop fully functional programs using industry-relevant tools.
  • Translate business requirements into problems that can be solved computationally.
  • Create a structured database through the use of relational concepts.
  • Analyze the results of queries constructed to address data requirements.

Data management is a growing field that explores the many ways of using data within an organization to improve decision-making. Expertise in data management allows organizations to assess the data they have and the data they need to understand the health and future of a business. Individuals with experience in data management can better plan for the future by leveraging data organization, data management and automation tools.

This program can help learners build the foundational skills they need to succeed in data management using the Python programming language and SQL (structured query language). Through hands-on labs, learners will develop the skills necessary to create structured database environments using a relational database management system (RDBMS), such as MySQL, that incorporates basic processing functionality and allows for data management, data manipulation and data analysis.

This content is designed for individuals interested in using data to solve problems, regardless of prior experience. Whether you’ve worked with data in your current role or are interested in the ever-expanding field of data management, this program can help you build the skills you need to succeed.

Below you’ll find the recommended order for taking the courses in this program. Unless you have a background in these areas already and feel comfortable skipping ahead we recommend you start with the first course and work your way through the program.

  1. IT-140x - Starting February 2021
  2. DAD-220x - Starting February 2021

Expert instruction
2 high-quality courses
Progress at your own speed
8 months
8 - 10 hours per week
6 Academic Credits
Build your skills and your transcript
For the full program experience

Courses in this program

  1. SNHUx's Data Management with Python and SQL MicroBachelors® Program

  2. 8–10 hours per week, for 16 weeks

    Explore fundamental programming with hands-on activities that help you build applications using Python.

  3. 8–10 hours per week, for 16 weeks

    Discover Structured Query Language (SQL) programming basics in relation to database management and data manipulation. This course can provide you with an overview of topics like joins, database schemas, database design and importing data into a database.

  4. Program Certificate Requirement

    In order to be eligible for the SNHUx MicroBachelor in Data Management with Python and SQL program certificate, you must purchase, complete, and pass (with a 70% grade or higher) all courses in the MicroBachelor of Data Management with Python and SQL program. Each SNHUx course you successfully purchase, complete, and pass with a score of 70% or higher will be eligible for three (3) transfer credits into a SNHU online academic program.

    From Program Certificate to a Bachelor's Degree

    Learners who successfully earn the MicroBachelors in Data Management with Python and SQL program certificate are eligible to redeem their certificate for credit at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) upon acceptance through their standard admission process for online undergraduate programs.

    SNHU's course equivalents are as follows:

    • MicroBachelor: IT-140x Scripting with Python > IT-140 Introduction to Scripting (3 credits)
    • MicroBachelor: DAD-220x Structured Database Environments with SQL > DAD-220 Introduction to Structured Database Environments (3 credits)

    In order to redeem MicroBachelors certificates for credits at SNHU, learners must:

    In order to redeem MicroBachelors certificates for credits at SNHU, learners must:

    Credit Election

    Learners who successfully earn the MicroBachelors Data Management with Python and SQL program certificate can choose to elect credit at no additional cost at either SNHU or Thomas Edison State University (TESU). Learners who wish to elect credit at TESU will be awarded 6 credits towards a general elective.

    In order to redeem your credits please refer to these step-by-step directions.Learn more about credit.

    • Stacking this MicroBachelors certificate into an associate or bachelor’s degree can lead to higher paying positions in areas such as business strategy, data mining, management consulting and optimization consulting.
    • Many of these jobs are projected to grow faster than the national average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Prospects for management analysts, for example, are predicted to climb 11% through 2029.*

Meet your instructors
from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHUx)

Gwen Britton
Associate Vice President, SNHU Global Campus STEM & Business Programs
Southern New Hampshire University
Curtis George
Technical Program Facilitator for Computer Science
Southern New Hampshire University
Scott Overmyer
Associate Dean of Information Technology
Southern New Hampshire University
Ben Tasker
Technical Program Facilitator – Data Science and Data Analytics
Southern New Hampshire University

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