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Professional Certificate in
Intelligent and Integrated Energy Systems

What you will learn

  • Evaluate the performance, role and impact of combined/integrated energy technologies on modern energy systems such as renewable energy sources, energy storage, electric vehicles, thermal systems and interconnected multi-carrier grids.
  • Identify how to digitalize the “conventional” grid using technologies including but not limited to, AI, machine learning, blockchain and computer simulations.
  • Evaluate the flexibility, grid support and reduction in carbon footprint that can be obtained by transition to electric mobility, electrified heating, and hydrogen energy.
  • Make informed decisions about managing infrastructure, actors, policy and energy markets that support the energy transition and sustainable energy systems.
  • Make and validate sustainable business models for an integrated energy system of the future identifying and utilizing the multitude of changes to the present systems in an opportunistic way.

The energy systems and the power grids of the world are undergoing a rapid transition. The advancements in computational tools have resulted in levels of efficiency, security, and reliability never seen before in the energy industry. Some of the recent developments such as decentralization of energy, decarbonization, electrification, digitalization, use of agile electronics and increased societal awareness and participation in power generation and storage are driving the revolution to create the “intelligent” (smart) and integrated energy systems of the future.

This series of MOOCs provides unique and multi-disciplinary insights on how to understand, design, plan and operate the intelligent and integrated energy systems in the rapidly evolving energy sector. The program focuses on four main aspects: technology, digitalization, policy and governance, and innovations for sustainable business, thereby providing the learner with a holistic view of the revolution in energy systems and power grids.

This program has been tailor-made by a team of professors from the Delft University of Technology and industry experts at the forefront of the revolution, guaranteed to take you on a journey that will:

  • describe the complexities of energy systems and power grids, and the requirements and industrial impacts of integration, automation and optimization
  • explain the technologies driving the change and provide practical hands-on experience in the use of advanced numerical and computational tools
  • provide an in-depth analysis on the economic and societal impacts of changes in energy systems and the design of new interventions best suited for energy systems of the future
  • discuss new market potentials for business models employing and utilizing the changes to the energy systems and power grids as opportunities.

On completion of the program, you will be equipped with skills to design your own complex energy system that is integrated with “intelligent” control with sound socio-economic planning and best suited for business opportunities in the global energy market.

Expert instruction
4 skill-building courses
Progress at your own speed
6 months
4 - 6 hours per week
Discounted price: $536.40
Pre-discounted price: $596USD
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Courses in this program

  1. DelftX's Intelligent and Integrated Energy Systems Professional Certificate

  2. 3–6 hours per week, for 6 weeks

    Learn where and how to apply intelligence to the energy grid to create a digitalized, automated, integrated and optimized energy system. The course discusses state-of-the-art digital technologies, so you are at the forefront of the power grid revolution.

  3. 4–6 hours per week, for 6 weeks

    Gain insight into the technology, economics, governance and management of the energy system and its current transitions to combat climate change so you can take appropriate decisions and design feasible policies.

  4. 4–6 hours per week, for 6 weeks

    Design an integrated energy system recognizing the role of intelligent use of various technologies including renewable energy sources, energy storage, electric vehicles, thermal systems and interconnected multi-carrier grids.

  5. 4–6 hours per week, for 6 weeks

    Learn how digital technologies help with the energy transition and then how to use this to develop future potential business models in various energy and energy-dependent sectors.

    • The digital revolution in the energy sector is estimated to introduce approximately 1.2 million jobs in the EU with an average pay-scale of 66.000 EUR ($76,000) per year to the energy industry, according to the ILO.
    • Potential job opportunities span several sectors such as:
    • Energy
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Consultancy: software, cybersecurity, blockchain, modeling
    • Trading, Sales
    • IT, Data analytics, data scientist
    • Urban planning, infrastructure
    • Governments, policy, management
    • Electric vehicles

Meet your instructors
from Delft University of Technology (DelftX)

Experts from DelftX committed to teaching online learning

Program endorsements

At DNV, our vision is to be a trusted voice to tackle global transformations. The energy transition is vital to decelerate climate change. Integrating energy systems in an intelligent way is a critical skill for the engineers, project managers, planners, policymakers, and scientists of the future. The program “Intelligent and Integrated Energy Systems” comes at the right time to tackle the challenges and complexities of today’s energy systems. It discusses the energy system’s physical, operational, digital, economic, policy, and business layers and their interrelation. What makes this program unique is that you are presented with all relevant aspects of the energy transition, allowing you to understand and transform the energy system on all sides. This is crucial because the energy system cannot reach the required level of integration and intelligence without adapting the legislative and economic infrastructures as well. All sectors need to cooperate if we want to realize a sustainable future. I would highly recommend this innovative program to everyone interested in the transformation of the energy system.

Bas Kruimer , Business Director Digital Grid Operations, Energy Systems

What makes IBM unique is its ability to continually renew itself and create new markets. We are strong believers in lifelong learning. The energy transition is extremely important for combating climate change. One of the key drivers of the energy transition is the electrification of the energy system with the rapid increase in the supply of renewable power. This requires great flexibility and adaptability of energy systems organizations and companies. The IBM Virtual Enterprise elaborates on the application of exponential technologies to become flexible and agile in this energy transition era. I am very glad that the free online program “Intelligent and Integrated Energy Systems” is now ready. This program will help you to discover the energy systems – intelligence and integration, from a technical, digital, economic, and business perspective and gain valuable skills that put you at the forefront of the global energy transition. It enables you to deploy intelligent technology, strategy and business models to adapt to significant changes in the energy field. This knowledge is relevant for all geographies in the world and can be applied for the transition of existing highly reliable energy eco-systems as well as for building new energy eco-systems in underserved areas. I highly recommend this cutting-edge program to everyone interested in the energy transition.

Ing. Jos Röling , EE&U Blockchain CTO, Global Center of Competency for Energy, Environment & Utilities

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Discounted price: $536.40
Pre-discounted price: $596USD
4 courses in 6 months
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