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5 Qualities Recruiters Look for in Job Candidates


If you’re looking for a job, you know how difficult it can be to catch an employer’s attention. In today’s job market, you often need to show more than just the required qualifications to get hired. But what else do recruiters look for in potential employees? Read on to find out some of the qualities that make the biggest impression on recruiters like myself.

1. You think about the future of your career

Recruiters want to hire people who can continuously make contributions to their company, whether it be through advancing to senior positions or bringing different skill sets and knowledge to the table. One way to show employers that you are preparing for the future and thinking about your next position or what in-demand skills your field may need in the future is by taking online courses. As you learn new skills with MOOCs, you can highlight them on your resume or LinkedIn profile. You’ll display commitment to learning and growing, and your interview performance might improve, too! A recent study from  found that interviewees who had taken online courses performed better in interviews.

2. You are quick to learn new things

In today’s job market, industries and jobs are constantly changing and employees must be able to adapt. And with hybrid jobs  on the rise, it’s important to be able to successfully learn and blend different skills. Learning about a subject that doesn’t match your current background is a great way to highlight your ability to adapt to the job market’s demands. To be attractive to employers, prepare yourself for hybrid roles in emerging fields by learning in-demand skills like data science and digital marketing.

3. You are a leader

Technical skills and impressive experience are certainly desirable qualities in a job candidate, but that alone isn’t always enough to make you stand out. Especially for senior and management roles, employers want to see that you have the skills to be a leader . Mastering soft skills such as communication and teamwork will leave you equipped to create a vision for your team and inspire others to work toward it with you. Be prepared to show off your leadership skills by taking a course on Leading with Effective Communication from CatalystX or Working in Teams from UQx and show your commitment to developing this important criteria for success.

4. You are enthusiastic

Enthusiasm certainly catches a recruiter’s and hiring manager’s attention. If you are clearly passionate about the company and the position you are applying for, recruiters know that you will be motivated to perform well. Skills can always be learned, but passion cannot — so be sure to do your homework on the organization and then communicate your interest and excitement to set yourself apart from the crowd of applicants. You can learn how to present yourself to make a lasting impression on employers every step of the way with Resume, Networking, and Interview Skills from FullbridgeX.

5. You have aligned values

For most jobs, cultural fit  is an extremely important factor when it comes to hiring. During an interview, you will likely be asked questions to determine whether or not you fit the company culture. The best way to convey your values is to be honest and be yourself! It’s also a good idea to research culture beforehand and give examples of how you would work well in the company’s environment. But, no matter the company culture, you should always be respectful. Arrive on time for interviews, be engaged, and follow up with interviewers to thank them for their time.

Knowing what recruiters look for in a potential employee is a great starting point for crafting your resume and preparing for interviews. By presenting the skills and experience employers want to see, you’ll be one step closer to landing your dream job. Set yourself apart by enrolling in a course and learning something new today, and happy job hunting!

Mike Hebert is the Head of Talent Acquisition at edX.

Last updated: March 2017