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Communicating in a Digital World: Meet Alice


Welcome to the latest edition of edX Insider, the series where take a look behind the scenes at edX HQ. This week, we’re featuring Alice, Senior Manager, Communications, to discuss the skills necessary to work in communications, the best course she’s ever taken, and more.

Quick Stats:

Name: Alice Randall

Department/role: Senior Manager, Communications

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Favorite song: I firmly believe in a Taylor Swift song for every occasion.

What do you think makes edX different?

Our mission to increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere. When you walk into edX, you can immediately feel the energy that every member of the edX team brings to the work we do together. We are all here for the same, incredibly important reason and it means that in everything we do, we have a common, unifying goal. Reflecting on our mission and the impact that edX has had and will have on transforming education brings meaning to working here everyday!

What would you say are the 3 top skills or characteristics someone needs to have to work in communications?

  • Excellent written communication skills – this is probably the most important and foundational skill. The ability to digest information and transform it into a piece of written communication that meets the needs of a specific audience is absolute table stakes.

  • Creativity – successful comms pros can weave an exciting story out of almost anything. The ability to think creatively to identify the most impactful element of whatever news or announcement you are sharing is key.

  • Organization – not the most exciting, but so important. Comms professionals are constantly balancing input from multiple stakeholders and it’s imperative that they can account for all these moving pieces flawlessly.

What’s your favorite course you’ve ever taken?

I’m excited to start CurtinX’s Reputation Management in a Digital World. Not only did it win the 2018 edX Prize, it is a super important topic for anyone responsible for communicating on behalf of brand in today’s digital world.

Best advice for edX learners?

Keep up the good work! I’m constantly inspired by the amazing things edX learners accomplish and their dedication to learning. Also, communicate and connect! I love how the platform allows learners from across the globe to discuss a problem or lecture and learn from each other.

One thing your colleagues may not know about you?

I grew up in England before moving to Dallas, so I’m half Brit/half Texan. Cheers, y’all!

Last updated: June 2019