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Construction Manager Uses OMBA to Learn New Business Trends and Approaches

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For Anthony, a construction division manager, keeping up with the latest trends in business is the only way to stay ahead. He applied and was accepted to several MBA programs but decided to enroll in Boston University’s Questrom School of Business Online MBA program for its strong curriculum, flexibility, and faculty. “Every day I am thankful that I chose to attend the Online MBA program at Boston University,” Anthony said. 

Which Master’s degree program did you take and what were your goals in taking it?

My goals in pursuing the Online MBA are simple. To expose myself to new ways of thinking while developing new ways of viewing problems and solutions. The business world is always evolving, and if you do not change and evolve along with it, you will be passed by. Pursuing the online MBA allows me better to understand the new trends in the business world and bring a higher level of value to my organization.

Did the program meet your expectations when it came to the quality of education, time required, flexibility, etc.?

The program has met and, in many cases, exceeded my expectations for the quality of the education. I have really enjoyed Boston University’s approach to how they structured the curriculum. Their delivery of the material is more in line with how we see and handle information every day in our careers, in an integrated fashion.

I believe the faculty are amongst the most well-educated and engaging individuals I have learned from. They are incredible teachers that can get their content across without a lengthy PowerPoint or hours long lecture.

How do you plan to leverage your degree towards your career goals? What’s next for you?

I plan on using the knowledge I have acquired in the pursuit of my MBA to be the best manager and boss that I can be to my employees, and put our organization on the best path forward to maximize value creation for all of our organization's stakeholders.

What advice would you give new online Master’s degree students?

Be prepared. Even though this is an online class, you will get the level of success that you put into the program. If you want to succeed in any online educational program, especially Questrom’s, you need to have a strong sense of time management and a high degree of intrinsic motivation.

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Last updated: May 2021