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Behind Master’s Degrees on edX: Meet Melanie


Welcome back to edX Insider, the series where we take you behind the scenes at edX to chat with our team members. In this edition of Insider, we sit down with Melanie, Senior Director of Degree Programs, to talk all things Master’s degrees.

Quick stats

Name: Melanie Andrich

Department/role: Educational Services, Sr. Director, Degree Programs

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Favorite food: When I’m being good, I like roasted chicken thighs with Penzey’s Fox Point spice. When I’m being bad, I’ll find the nearest sandwich. I love ’em!

What is unique about Master’s degree programs on edX?

Master’s degrees on edX are a game-changer. They are offered by top-ranked universities around the world in subject areas that are in high-demand by employers. And they are priced to allow for as many people as possible to be able to afford these exciting credentials. Our Master’s degree programs cost between $10,000 and $24,000 for the entire degree! What is completely unique about the Master’s degree programs on edX is that every Master’s degree has a MicroMasters® program as part of the degree. For example, for Master’s degrees that are 10 courses, we might have 3 of those courses designated as MicroMasters program courses. In the MicroMasters program courses, you can take the course before you’ve even been admitted to the program. It’s a way to “try before you buy” to see if you like it and if you feel you’ll be successful in the program. MicroMasters program courses are only available on edX.

What’s your best advice for Master’s degree program learners?

Take advantage of everything about the Master’s degree program experience, especially the networking. You have access to world-class faculty, many of whom are both scholars and industry experts. You are sharing this experience with other learners from everywhere in the world, many of whom have been working in the industry for years. You can learn so much from interacting with so many people whose perspectives and experiences are different from your own. And that’s before you’ve even started the coursework!

How can a learner start pursuing a Master’s on edX?

Take a look at our Online Master’s Degrees page to see the summary of all the programs we currently offer. You can click on any of the individual programs to learn more. Or you can scroll down the entire page to see what upcoming programs we have planned, and to review our FAQs. We recommend that you complete our Request for Information form so that we can answer any questions you have. You can also submit a request for information form on the page of the individual program or programs you are considering. That way, someone from the university can get back to you in order to provide more information and answer your questions.

Can you share anything about what the future holds for edX Master’s degree programs?

We are growing fast so keep an eye on us to see all the new programs as we announce them. You can also visit our edX Blog to keep up with the latest new program announcements and to read some of our upcoming features on learners and graduates, faculty spotlights, and more.

Last updated: September 2019