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Technician Preps for Degree With Cloud Computing MicroMasters® Program

Rodely Learner Story.png

For Rodely, a technician in France, the best way to prepare for a cloud computing architecture degree was to take a MicroMasters in cloud computing. Find out how Rodely broadened his knowledge and expanded his skillset by earning a program certificate from UMGC and USMx's Cloud Computing MicroMasters® Program.

What edX course or program did you take and what were your goals in taking it?

I took the MicroMasters Program in Cloud Computing. My goal was to understand the cloud computing field and apply for a degree in cloud computing architecture.

How was your experience learning online?

Although it was not my first online learning experience, it was the best and strongest program.

How has your learning impacted your career, life, or community?

My learning impacted my career by giving me new skills in the field. I was also able to enroll at home, get a certificate for each course completion, and earn a MicroMasters program certificate.

How do you plan to use your learning in the future? What’s next for you?

I plan to use my learning to create an educational platform in the future. The next step for me is to start a full degree.

What advice would you give new edX students?

New students must understand that completing online training is not a small accomplishment because it takes time, consistency, and commitment. My experience learning on edX was amazing.

Last updated: January 2021