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New! Universal Online Credit Pathway

All MicroMasters® programs may be applied towards the Master of Science in Professional Studies at RIT

edX and RIT have come together to create a universal online credit pathway where all MicroMasters programs on edX can be applied towards the Master of Science in Professional Studies at RIT.*  This pathway will give MicroMasters program learners the option to earn an accelerated, customized graduate degree online.

edX MicroMasters Programs

*Upon successful completion of the MicroMasters program certificate as a verified learner and acceptance to RIT, you may be awarded up to 9 credits toward the Professional Studies MS degree. Credits awarded for MicroMasters program completion may vary by program.

How it Works

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Choose your MicroMasters® Program

Successfully complete and earn an edX MicroMasters program certificate—earn at least a B on all courses in the MicroMasters program.
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Apply to RIT

You can apply to RIT even before you’ve finished your MicroMasters program. In fact, the earlier you apply and get connected with an advisor, the better!
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Pursue the MS degree in Professional Studies

Once you’re accepted into the program, you will be awarded credit for your MicroMasters program credential toward the Professional Studies master’s degree.
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Advance Your Career

The depth and breadth of interdisciplinary skills and knowledge you gain in this program will set you up for higher-paying and high-growth careers.
MicroMasters Launch Blog

What are MicroMasters Programs

MicroMasters programs provide ambitious learners with a flexible path to a master’s degree and help them gain deep knowledge applicable to their careers along the way. These rigorous programs allow learners to experience graduate-level coursework from top universities without filling out an application, taking a standardized test, or committing to a full master’s degree program. After completing and passing a MicroMasters program, learners can apply to a full master’s degree in an associated university program.

RIT’s Master of Science in Professional Studies

An interdisciplinary professional studies master’s degree that provides you with flexibility and independence to craft an individualized graduate program unique to your interests and career aspirations.

RIT’s Master of Science in Professional Studies
edX MIcroMasters Programs

MicroMasters® Programs on edX

Build towards a Master’s degree while taking a series of courses that boost your knowledge and skills today. These programs are components of degrees that can count toward a Master’s degree. Advance your career while you change your future.

MicroMasters® Program Success Stories

Andrew MicroMasters Learner


"The flexibility of the MicroMasters program was key to why I was able to complete it."
Meet Andrew


The material I am learning in the MicroMasters program is useful every single day and has helped me become very effective in a leadership role.
Meet Javier


“A month after completing the MicroMasters program, I started my new role with increased responsibility and a significant pay bump.”
Meet Mia
Rochester Institute of Technology

“At RIT, we believe accessible, affordable, and high-quality education can change lives, shape the future, and improve the world. We are thrilled to provide this pathway to a high-value graduate degree more readily available for all who seek and need it.”

James C. Hall Dean, University Studies Division Executive Director & Professor, School of Individualized Study Rochester Institute of Technology

Any edX MicroMasters program will be accepted to RIT’s credit pathway.

No, earning a MicroMasters program certificate does not guarantee admission to a full master's degree program. Program completers must meet RIT’s admission criteria upon application. Learners who apply and are accepted into the on-campus or online master of science in professional studies will be able to apply their work toward the degree.

You may apply credit from two MicroMasters programs as long as one is an RITx MicroMasters program.

For any questions about the application or admission process you may contact RIT directly. You can start your application by visiting Sharing your edX program record with RIT will speed up your application process.