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Online courses from BoxPlay

BoxPlay is committed to advancing educational opportunities through relevant and accessible learning for individuals and companies. Our accredited learning tools are built in partnership with Emmy® award-winning talent, renowned institutions, and subject-matter experts — and make for engaging learning experiences with exceptional completion and retention rates. With a focus on nurturing CQ: Communication Quotient™ skills, BoxPlay helps professionals and teams improve their receptive and expressive intelligence.

Each course uses our innovative approach of blending storytelling, multimedia production, and cutting-edge research to create immersive experiences featuring characters, narratives, and moving visuals. Designed with learners’ busy schedules in mind, our courses will take ten hours or fewer to complete, with the shortest taking just one to two hours.

“BoxPlay is addressing the skills in the missing middle - the bridge between human and machine.” - Paul Daugherty Group Chief Executive - Accenture Technology & Chief Technology Officer

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