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Free online courses from Universidad Galileo

Located in Guatemala, Galileo University is a higher education institution, the product of 38 years of constant work and effort of an elite group of academics and professionals, lead by Eduardo Suger Cofiño, Ph.D., founder and President. He has been able to put forward a completely innovative and non-traditional educational approach that Galileo calls “The revolution of education,” which is also impelled by very a clear motto: “To educate is to change visions and transform lives."

With thirty-eight years of successful experience, facing the rapid-changing times and the knowledge globalization, Galileo University has positioned itself as a relevant leader and a reference in the field of technology. This gives the University a very important role, not only in professional training, but also in the generation of knowledge, that responds to the needs of an increasingly competitive world, becoming an excellent choice for the education of the Guatemalan and Latin American new generations.

Galileo has experienced significant growth during the past few years, this has been regarded as extraordinary. This growth has not only been in the number of students, but also in the number of offered programs, research lines, publications, joint programs with government institutions and corporate organizations, and international projects with the objective to contribute to the development of Higher education. MOOC's pioneer in Latin America, which aims to give all people access to high quality academic courses developed by an interdisciplinary team of researchers, bringing together worldwide academics and students; all this has made of Galileo one of the most important universities in the Central and Latin American region. All this is a direct result of a clear vision and a firm commitment to it.

Universidad Galileo MOOCs

Browse free online courses in a variety of subjects. Universidad Galileo courses found below can be audited free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee. Select a course to learn more.